ATTN: New users

Hello! Welcome to the blog. When you signed up, you were given this message:

Keep these things out of your discussion:

1. Homophobia
2. Excessive, unnecessary profanity (we're not prudes, but if you think for a second, "Maybe I shouldn't say that," then probably phrase it some other way)
3. Racism
4. Personal attacks on other users

These things will result in a banning, and it'll be hard to welcome you back. This is not the other boxing forums out there; we're here to discuss boxing like adults, not children with attitude problems. If you can't get through a paragraph without calling someone "gay," then this is not the place for you.

Other than that, the floor is yours. Contribute, discuss, hang out, and have fun. We all love boxing, even if we disagree on something, and the more you add, the more we'll all get out of the site.

Welcome to Bad Left Hook.

I'm serious about all of it. I've banned more users this week than I have in all the time since we first opened up shop in 2006 combined. It's not a lot, either, only a few, because we've never had these problems.

Now, since I have had to hammer down on a couple, here's a note if you might have been banned:

1. You can email me at to discuss the matter, and I'll be totally civilized with you if you can do the same. I also have the power to unban and I'd love to use it, believe me.

2. If you sign up under another name to be a pain in the ass, I'll just ban you again. And if you insist on doing it repeatedly, we'll go further into the matter. Don't bother doing it.

3. The "gay" thing works like this. It's a word you do not ever need to use here because there are a hundred other things you can say instead and make the same point. I'm not trying to tell you to never use it in your life, it's just that this is my show and I say it's not kosher. Go use it elsewhere. There are plenty of places online to talk boxing that put up with that shit. This isn't one of them.

I know this might make me sound elitist, but if you're taking me as elitist because of this you're probably in the wrong place, period. I'm not starved for attention and I don't think I need you here. I know we're not the biggest boxing community online, but I am also very proud of our readership because they act like adults. If you can do that, we're all thrilled to have you here. If you can't, move on.

Bottom line: This is a blog for boxing discussion, not boxing flamewars.

<strong><font color="red">FanPosts are user-created content written by community members of Bad Left Hook, and are generally not the work of our editors. <em>Please do not source FanPosts as the work of Bad Left Hook</em>.</font></strong>

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