The Super Six... 2

The Super Six appears on its way to becoming a tremendous success. Clearly a lot yet could happen to derail the entire thing, but questionable scoring aside, the first night was as big of a success as can be. The fights were intense if not action pack and the atmosphere was fantastic. 168 will benefit tremendously from this. However, I would like to be the only person on the boxing planet to not be talking about The Super Six. I want to be that fool looking ahead to potential reincarnations before the first one even finishes succeeding.

If this experience produces success, it is one that must be repeated. With all the divisions in boxing, aren't there any others who can do this? I want to examine the other divisions and see where history that hasn't even happened yet could potentially be repeated. Let us begin.


105 - No chance. There is more talent here than there often is, but there isn't a single really well established name and no one outside very select pockets of fans have ever had any passion for this division.

108 - A logical reaction would seem here to be to dismiss 108 for the same grounds as 105, but let's look a little closer. There is talent here, serious talent. In fact, I'd contend this is one of the better divisions in all of the sport. The only problem here is that the talent doesn't seem to fight amongst itself at all. Ivan Calderon, Edgar Sosa, Brian Viloria, Ulises Solis, Giovanni Segura, and someone moving up or down (I vote Naito) would make a fascinating, and fun series of Shobox fights.

112 - Naito/Wonjongkam IV is all this division really has to offer, so no.

115 - Darchynian/Donaire II? Sonsona? Toss in Z Gorres (who has a draw with Vic) and you have some potential, but this division isn't really six deep at the top level. Who else is there? Czares? Munoz? I feel like we'd have to watch Arce be wrecked three times just to round this out.

118 - Hasegawa, Agbeko, Montiel, and Mares. Bring me Vic back up and bring Donaire with him and YES! Look at all the places we could have such great matchups. This would be amazing. Hasegawa takes it, by the way.

122 - JuanMa and Caballero would be great if it could ever happen, but I can't help but worry that we'd just see Vasquez and Marquez hurt. Furthermore, who do we round this out with? Mtagwa for the underdog story? Poonsawat? I'd rather move JuanMa and Caballero up for one at 126.

126 - As I was saying, move JuanMa and Caballero up. Combine them with Chris John, Gamboa, Luevano, and good old Rocky Juarez for some more name value and let the sparks fly. John/Luevano aside, there probably isn't a bad fight in the bunch. 126 could use the emergence of the star it has become accustom to having as well. If Guerrero could come back down to take Juarez's spot, even better.

130 - Eh... There are some interesting fights here I guess, but 130 just doesn't bring the intrigue of other divisions.

135 - The lightweights right now are in a weird state. Marquez, Katsidis, Diaz, Demarco, Guzman, and Valero would be fun, but too many of them have already fought and who knows whether or not Guzman or Valero would even show. Too much repetition, too many potential problems. Wouldn't it be great to at least see Valero finally tested though?

140 - Pacquiao is too big for something like this. However, even without him, this is a fascinating division for the reincarnation of The Super Six and is one of the most likely for it to happen in. Bradley, Khan, Alexander, and Maidana are musts in my opinion. The other two slots could be filled in any number of ways. One last shot for Hatton? Marquez moving (or staying) up to chase Pacquiao? Urango? Holt?  Nate Campbell? I like 140 a lot.

147 - Of course Mayweather, Pacquiao, Mosley, Cotto, Clottey, and whoever you want to fill it with is a boxing fan's wet dream, but there isn't enough money in the world to put this one together. Moving on.

154 - This is a division Showtime has invested some in and it would be fairly interesting (Martinez, Angulo, Kirkland, Cintron, Lattimore, and Spinks barring Paul Williams anyone?), but it just lacks the excitment I feel for some of the other divisions. Plus, what are the odds Sergio Martinez doesn't just sweep this if there is reasonable judging and no Paul Williams?

160 - Pavlik, Williams, Sturm, and... There just isn't enough depth. Mundine? Danny Jacobs? Winky? It would be interesting, sure, but there are more exciting options.

168 - No repeat.

175 - If you could put together Dawson, Hopkins, Calzaghe, Jones, Johnson, and... anyone as long as it isn't Tarver, I'm in.  None of them except Johnson would take that on though. Still, Johnson, Pascal, Cloud, and... Okay. There isn't enough at 175, Moving on.

200 - Just get me Adamek/Cunningham II. I don't care about much else here.

201+ - There is fun to be had here. Take out the title Klitschkos and we could have a blast trying to sort out the rest. Imagine some combination of Haye, Arreola, Chambers, Povektin, Johnson, Solis, and Tua. That is seven, but who do you want to cut? I pick to drop Solis, but maybe it should be Tua. Either way, we'd get to find out who the best Heavyweight not from Ukraine for certain and I think we'd actually see some exciting fights. 


If I had to pick, I'd do another one at 118, 140, or Heavyweight minus the Klits. I know this is way ahead of the game, but I couldn't help myself.

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