Margarito welcomes rematches with Cotto and Mosley

Disgraced welterweight star Antonio Margarito eyes a 2010 return. The former titlist says he'd like to rematch both Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley. (Photo via

In an interview with ESPN Deportes Radio (link via, former welterweight titleholder Antonio Margarito says he'd be "willing" to fight Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley again in 2010, when it's expected he'll be re-licensed to box in the United States. Margarito is currently on a one-year suspension after the California State Athletic Commission determined he and/or his corner had attempted to tamper with the gloves prior to his January loss to Mosley.

"I'd give Cotto a rematch. I think that fight will be good. The only loss he has is to me, and if he wants to remove that thorn from his side, then I will give him a second defeat."

It's like, can you even fathom how big Antonio Margarito's heart must be? To not only stay so humble as the public desperately clamors for his return, with the sport missing him so badly and all, but to ask Miguel Cotto to get up off of bended knee and say, "Yes, warrior, I will grant you a rematch. You are an honorable man."

Wow. Margarito is such a gentleman. I almost well up with tears when I consider how kind and generous he's being here. Miguel Cotto is about to be involved in one of the three biggest fights of 2009 -- and there's no competition for "biggest fight of 2009" beyond Cotto-Pacquiao, Hatton-Pacquiao and Mayweather-Marquez -- but here's Antonio Margarito: Man. Legend., willing to let him share the ring once again.

You know, if California lifts his suspension and he can fight in the United States again.

As for Mosley:

"I had three or four pounds left to go, and then I was stuck. I struggled to make the weight. I trained like I always do, but ... what really messed me up was the weight"

Yeah. The weight. That's what it was. No other giant questions about your performance that night. Probably just the weight.

To quote the great Ric Flair on the September 14, 1998 edition of WCW Monday Nitro: "You're a liar! You're a cheat! You're a scam! You! Are! A no-good! Sonofabitch!"

(I mostly just wanted to use that Ric Flair quote there. Please don't take it too seriously.)

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