Mandatory Eight Count - Boxing's Welfare System

Santos would like to knock out Kermit Cintron for the honor of Puerto Rico, if they can both win their fights.

Interview with Manny Pacquiao | New York Times

A short interview, not necessarily with too much new information, but it goes into his origins as a boxer and his early life of poverty.

Chris John Hospitalized with Dengue Fever | Jakarta Post

This pretty much forecloses the possibility of another title defense this year. Here's to hoping for a full recovery.  This shouldn't be lethal, but Dengue can cause some major repercussions.

Oliver McCall wins close decision over Lance Whitaker | Boxing Scene

If this isn't a sign that the 43-year old McCall is close to the end of the line, I don't know what is.  The Atomic Bull did manage to knock down Mount Whitaker, but otherwise looked sluggish.  The knockdown ended up being the difference in the fight.

Daniel Santos calls out Kermit Cintron at press conference | Youtube

During Kermit Cintron's pre-fight presser for tonight's pay per view, Daniel Santos confronted Cintron and called him some less than nice things.  Almost as amusing was Lou DiBella's reaction, with him screaming at Santos' manager to "get the guy with the hair."  Assuming Cintron isn't Paul Williams' next opponent and Santos doesn't lose to Yuri Foreman, this fight makes too much sense not to happen.

Documentary "Muhammad and Larry" to air on ESPN on Tuesday | ESPN

As part of the "30 for 30" documentary film project, this film about the Muhammad Ali - Larry Holmes fight will be airing.  Portions of the documentary were originally produced back in 1980, but this one is nearly twice as long and includes a lot more background about the fighters and what came forth from the fight.   A preview is available here

Khan-Salita is a Question of Faith | The Independent

More, uh, hype (?) about how this fight isn't actually about a Muslin versus a Jew, yet that's pretty much the only thing anyone will say about the fight when they bring it up. 

Australian Medical Association recommends banning boxing | The Examiner

It doesn't look like this is picking up much traction, but it seems to becoming something trendy.  At least one doctor thinks it's a crock as well.

Other Saturday results | Boxrec

  • Tomas Rojas defended his interim title with a decision over formerly undefeated Evans Mbamba.  He reportedly made it through without injury, so hopefully he'll be able to keep his date with Vic Darchinyan in a month. 
  • Kermit Cintron dominated Juliano Ramos, who's corner stopped the fight to start the fifth.  After the fight, Lou DiBella said his next fight would be against whoever brings him the most money.  Considering this was a one-sided beatdown (and a boring one at that, with few punches thrown Cintron's way), it would still make sense for him to be Paul Williams' next opponent.
  • Franz Botha won a majority decision over late replacement Pedro Carrion, in a decision widely reported as a robbery.  Botha appears to be a shell of his former self.
  • Johnathan Oquendo TKO2 Juan Beltran.  Konstantin Airich UD8 CIsse Salif.  Ondrej Pala UD8 Alex Mazikin.  Dmitry Ganiev KO1 Fahsan 3K Battery.  Hassan N'Dam N'jikam UD10 Jeferson Luis Goncalo.
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