Adamek wants the Klitschkos in 2010

Cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek stepped up to heavyweight and annihilated Andrew Golota. Now, he wants one of the Klitschko brothers. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)

Tomasz Adamek's one-sided beatdown of Andrew Golota this past Saturday in Poland apparently was just a taste of the reigning cruiserweight champion at heavyweight, and that reigning champion tag may soon fall by the wayside. Adamek is targeting Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko for a 2010 fight:

"In a year I could fight the Klitscho brothers at the world championships. I'm not afraid of anyone. I was offered a chance a few weeks ago. But, that was three weeks before this match and I won't enter a ring when I am unprepared, just to earn a bit of cash."

I'm glad he's looking at it as realistically as possible, by wanting to take about a year to properly condition his body. I don't think any amount of time or conditioning helps him against Wladimir or Vitali, who honestly don't move as well as Andrew Golota still does, but who do protect themselves better and establish range far, far better. They also hit harder, way more accurately, and are just bigger, stronger men who are much, much better boxers than Golota.

For his part, Golota sounds ready to retire:

Golota, leaving his locker room one-and-a-half hours after losing in the match, apologized to fans, claiming that he boxed 'tragically.'

“Maybe boxing is no longer my thing,” claimed the 41-year-old, after a match that lasted almost 15 minutes. The boxer allegedly has problems with his left hand and elbow that require surgery.

Golota's wife never wanted him to take the fight, but I'm sure when he buys her some pretty new things with all the money he made, her tune will change -- WOMEN! AM I RIGHT?!

“There was no need to fight Adamek, but Andrzej wanted to and I couldn’t stop him,” Mariola Golota, wife of the fallen legendary boxer, Andrzej Golota, told press Monday. ... “I never want him entering the ring again."

Only in Poland is Golota "legendary," and only in Poland was this performance of his considered "embarrassing." Different worlds, man.

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