Mandatory Eight Count: Israel Vazquez back in first quarter of 2010

The Saturday battle between Tomasz Adamek and Andrew Golota has taken the online world by storm. Sort of. (Photo via

I've been a bit under the weather the last two days, and today was worse than yesterday (as is often the case), so I apologize for the inactivity on BLH. Unless anything major happens and/or I feel better, MEC posts may have to do for another day or so.

Israel Vazquez may fight Rafael Marquez in February or March (ESTO)
Link is in Spanish. Israel Vazquez says he's coming back in February or March, staying at 126 pounds, and that the fight may be his sort of-anticipated and much-discussed fourth fight with Rafael Marquez.

Adamek-Golota an online sensation (The Independent)
The match between boxing stars Andrew Golota and Tomasz Adamek is the most searched for topic on Google on the morning of October 27.

Bob Arum's view of Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto's training camps (ESPN)
Quote from Arum: "In Pacquiao's camp, there is no question who the boss is and that's Freddie. In Miguel's camp there's no question who the boss is either, and that's Miguel. They're different guys, different fighters, but whatever works, man."

"King Kong" Agbeko Is Ready to Deliver (Max Boxing)
Gabriel Montoya looks at the promising Halloween night Agbeko-Perez fight from Agbeko's side.

Perez Tries to Slay 'King Kong' (Max Boxing)
And Steve Kim takes Yonnhy Perez's side. If anyone's wondering or hasn't seen Yonnhy fight, Perez has a totally legitimate shot on Saturday.

Amir Khan's Growth From Arrogance (The Sweet Science)
I still don't think Khan is any more arrogant than hard-workin' workman work work work Carl Froch, but this is a nice article covering Khan's change in philosophy over time, and him realizing his chin was an issue.

Oleg Maskaev: "Vitali Klitschko Avoids Fighting Me" (
Oleg Maskaev believes that because he beat Vitali Klitschko about 600 years ago in the amateurs, Klitschko is now ducking his WBC mandatory, a position that is ridiculous, by the way. I think Maskaev just wants his one money fight and then will be happy to retire, but Klitschko seems more inclined toward interesting fights against younger, better challengers.

Referee can sue commission over boxer's HIV (San Francisco Chronicle)
Ray Corona Sr., a veteran referee, was unwittingly exposed to HIV in a 2005 fight in California. A state appeals court has ruled he can sue the State Athletic Commission. The CSAC has had all kinds of trouble lately.

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