Sergio Martinez, Vanes Martirosyan engage in verbal war

Vanes Martirosyan called out everyone but Sergio Martinez. He got an answer from Sergio Martinez. (Photo via has been the home to a trash talk battle between WBC junior middleweight titlist Sergio Martinez and undefeated prospect Vanes Martirosyan.

It started simply enough, with Martirosyan sending the site an open letter calling out some of the top names. Here's part of that letter:

"I am calling out the entire division from Angulo to Paul Williams, Cory Spinks to especially Sergey Dzinziruk who has been hiding in Germany fighting nobodies in the hopes of maintaing his WBO TITLE, that is going to be mine very soon!!! I read everyday how Dzinziruk cant find fighters, I hear he's in the states looking for a promoter and fight, I AM READY!!! I know what I am capable of and know that I will beat any of the top contenders out there, and if any of the fighters doubt that then step in the ring and prove me wrong!!! My management and promotional team have done a great job bringing me up to this level and the "Nightmare" has officially arrived for everyone to experience!"

Now, obviously, I doubt that Vanes himself sat down and typed this out, but, y'know, that's the idea anyway.

But then Sergio Martinez, who's been trashing everyone lately, decided he felt left out and replied:

"Hey Vanes, did you forget my name or are you another p***y like Sergio Mora and Joshua Clottey? What big fight are you looking for? I'm ready for you right now. You don't need to look for anyone else. I'm right here. You want a big title shot? Let's do it in December. I'll fight anyone for my country. Are you willing to do the same for your country? Don't be a coward. Show some balls."

Martirosyan apparently was hurt by this reply, as he supposedly left Martinez out for a reason:

"The only reason your name wasn't mentioned is that, at the time, I had some respect for you. We had met once and I thought of you as a respectable guy. Well, apparently I was wrong because you're sounding like a d**k, calling me a p***y. Have your people get with my people, let's make it happen. Let's see if you are a man of your word. You better not run because that night I will show who's got the big d**k and who's got the p***y."

"At the time" meaning hours earlier.

In all likelihood, this fight doesn't happen. Martirosyan, 23, has run through some gatekeepers like Harrison Cuello, Michi Munoz, Billy Lyell and Andrey Tsurkan, but Martinez would be a huge step up in class. Martinez would gladly take the fight, I'm sure, since he'd be a pretty big favorite just on experience alone. Martirosyan is a hell of a prospect, but he's yet to graduate from prospect to contender. Then again, you could've said the same about Timothy Bradley when he took Junior Witter's belt in England.

Mostly I think I enjoy the seventh grade pissing contest these two are putting on.

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