Bad Left Hook Fight of the Month Poll: September

Tony Grano beats Travis Kaufman via monster clothesline.

Past winners:

  • January 2009: Antonio Margarito v. Shane Mosley (53%)
  • February 2009: Juan Manuel Marquez v. Juan Diaz (93%)
  • March 2009: Ricardo Cordoba v. Bernard Dunne (81%)
  • April 2009: Carl Froch v. Jermain Taylor (49%)
  • May 2009: Carlos Abregu vs. Irving Garcia (35%)
  • June 2009: Marcos Maidana vs. Victor Ortiz (45%)
  • July 2009: Cristobal Cruz vs. Jorge Solis (32%)
  • August 2009: Juan Diaz vs. Paulie Malignaggi / Juan Urango vs. Randall Bailey (tie, 45%)

September was a month with a lot of good, but not great boxing matches.  There weren't the fireworks some might have expected, but there was still at least one good fight pretty much every weekend.

Marvin Sonsona vs. Jose "Carita" Lopez - A classic matchup of the wily vet against the up and coming prospect, Sonsona wrested away Lopez's hard earned belt by unanimous decision.  There was a lot of back and forth action, and every time it seemed like Sonsona might take control, Lopez came roaring back.  In the end, the slightly fresher legs were able to prevail, as Sonsona proved he has the stamina to be an elite fighter.

Tyson Fury vs. John McDermott - For a heavyweight bout, this one had a fair amount of action.  The heavily hyped Fury just couldn't get Big John to back off of him, and ended up winning a fight by referee's decision that most thought McDermott won.

Simphiwe Nongqayi vs. Jorge Arce - In a fight that looked like a chess match at times and broke out into a few mini wars, Nongqayi probably ended Arce's career as a relevant fighter by just showing good slickness and the ability to counter at will.

Tony Grano vs. Travis Kaufman - This one was short and sweet, and had a little bit of crazy going on.  After a feeling out round, the two heavyweights started landing bombs on each other left and right, with neither fighter seeming to care a lick about defense.  Kaufman seemed to be taking control in the third, and in the fourth, Kaufman effectively seemed to have Grano put away when Grano nailed him with an intentional low blow, buying him some time.  Kaufman jumped back on him and had Grano hurt again, and then Grano spit out his mouthpiece.  That break gave Grano the time to recover, and as he came back, he landed a huge haymaker that wobbled Kaufman, followed by about 15 power shots before eventually ending Kaufman's night.

Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym vs. Bernard Dunne - Another short fight, these two went at it almost right off the bat.  The first round was an exciting boxing match, but by the second, Poonsawat had lured Dunne into a war.  This wasn't good for Dunne, as Poonsawat was able to knock down Dunne three times in the third, each time during an exchange, to end the fight by Ireland's three knockdown rule. 

Nobuo Nashiro vs. Hugo Cazares - This title fight wasn't aired in the US, but is now available on Youtube at  A very evenly matched bout, Nashiro and Cazares went back and forth as to which fighter was the stalker and which fighter was the counterpuncher.  Cazares' aggression won him rounds early, but as the fight wore on and Cazares slowed down a bit, Nashiro was able to come on strong, landing lots of solid, hard counter shots to salvage a draw.

Other solid fights considered: Michael Katsidis vs. Vicente Escobedo; Chris Avalos vs. Giovanni Caro; Donnie Nietes vs. Manuel Vargas; David Diaz vs. Jesus Chavez

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