Mandatory Eight Count: Heavy on the Brits

Matthew Hatton just cannot get a fight to actually happen. (Photo via

Super Six World Boxing Classic to get reality series | Multichannel News
Showtime will be debuting "Fight Camp 360: Inside the Super Six World Boxing Classic" on Saturday night. It'll be a six-part series, with episodes airing the week before the tournament's next card, apparently. Showtime and NFL Films are producing the series, which sounds quite promising.

Lovemore N'dou-Matthew Hatton off for now; IBO turns down Hatto-Gianluca Branco |
The IBO welterweight title fight between Lovemore N'dou and Matthew Hatton has been postponed due to a training injury to N'dou, a cut over his right eye suffered in sparring. N'dou can't spar for 4-5 weeks, but wants the fight rescheduled for December. Hatton went to the IBO hoping to schedule an interim title fight with Gianluca Branco, but was turned down.

Froch – I’ll knock Dirrell out | STV Sport
Carl Froch keeps talking. Keeps on talking. I've grown to really like Carl Froch. That guy's a hoot.

Exclusive: Danny Williams set to retire | South London Press Today
Danny Williams may or may not be retiring, but he's talking about the stunning loss to Carl Baker in the Prizefighter tourney quite honestly: "I'm not taking anything away from [Baker] but even though he is not a puncher, there was no real power in his shots. I went to the floor. My punch resistance had gone." He says he'll consider his options, which probably means he won't retire.

Jamie Foxx wants to do Tyson biopic with Taylor Hackford | MTV Movies Blog
Foxx and Hackford teamed up for Ray, and now Jamie wants to do a Mike Tyson movie. Honestly, he's about as good a choice as there is, and Tyson said earlier this year that Foxx would be his choice. It'd probably be just as dramatized and doofy as most biopics, but it likely couldn't be worse than Walk the Line, so there's that.

Chad Ochocinco challenges Terrell Suggs to fight |
Chad Ochocinco calls out Terrell Suggs for a boxing match. Hey, whatever. Beats Ochocinco calling out Andre Berto, or Andre Berto calling out Jay-Z.

How many cancellations before Holyfield takes a hint? | Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Evander Holyfield's B.S. November 8 fight in South Korea has been canceled, in a move that just stuns everyone, I'm sure. He also had that AIDS benefit fight in Ethiopia canceled earlier this year. Jeff Schultz of the AJC wonders when he'll take the hint.

Shane Cameron wanted to keep fighting | TVNZ
Shane Cameron says he didn't want to quit and should have been allowed to continue against David Tua, who rather mercilessly beat the living crap out of him last weekend in New Zealand. The headline says he "would welcome a rematch," but the story has nothing about that. If they did rematch (they won't) and he did twice as well, he'd be stopped in four. But he does say he feels his team was right to not throw in the towel after the brutal first round exposed the difference in class between the two.

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