Mandatory Eight Count - A day in court is like a day in the ring

Cleverly is proving that he's clever after all.

Demarco fighting Alfaro for Interim Title | ESPN

When Antonio DeMarco faces Jose Alfaro on the Agbeko-Perez undercard, he'll be contesting for an interim belt.  The WBC has ruled that Edwin Valero has legal problems where he's not able to defend within six months, and thus they're giving out the interim strap.  This ruling came despite the fact that Valero is fighting in his native Venezuela in December. 

Mike Tyson getting in touch with his feminine side | Chicago Now

No, this isn't referring to the breasts he's been growing lately.  Rather, Tyson will spend a full hour on the Oprah Winfrey show, where he'll get to walk about his trials and tribulations.  Expect some emotional stuff here. 

Joe Frazier thrown out of court | Utica Observer Dispatch

Evidently, Frazier walked into an Indian casino and saw that they were using his image all over the place without his permission.  Seven years later (boy, that legal system sure does move fast), the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out his case because they they say that the Oneida Tribe has sovereign status, and he should have brought the case in Iriquois Nation court.  I don't know all the facts of this case, but it seems pretty bunk to me.  Who knows if the Iriquois Nation even has similar infringement laws to the US, plus the statute of limitations has probably expired there, and pretty much every Indian casino is managed by an external, non-native firm.  I wouldn't be shocked if this is appealed up to the Supreme Court, although they only take about 1% of the cases appealed to them.  With the ruling, if something happens to you while you're on Indian land, you'd need to sue in two different sets of court because of the uncertainty of where to bring action. 

Preliminary hearing set for Roger Mayweather | AP

Roger, accused of hitting and choking a woman he used to train, will get his hearing on January 15.  Mayweather's lawyer says it's all just a misunderstanding, and that he will plead not guilty.

Nathan Cleverly finishing up university | Daily Mirror

An interesting little article about a reporter who sat in on one of Cleverly's classes at university.  Evidently, on top of being quite the pugilist, he's also somewhat of a math whiz. 

Frank Bruno working to raise awareness of bipolar disorder | The Guardian

Bruno himself has been struggling with the disorder since his fighting days, but it took until long after retirement to make the news public.  Now, as one of Britain's beloved sports figures, he's trying to raise awareness of the disorder and help remove some of the stigmas associated with it. 

Povetkin getting back in action | Boxing along the Beltway

Alexander Povetkin is a late addition to what might have been an otherwise unremarkable card in Baltimore next weekend.  Povetkin, who hasn't fought since looking mediocre in a win over Jason Estrada early in the year, will take on Damon Reed in a tune-up bout.  This is the first bout where Teddy Atlas will be in Povetkin's corner.  Prospect James Stevenson will also be featured on the card.

Provodnikov to face Prescott for minor belt| Fightnews

11-0 prospect Ruslan Provodnikov, who has seemingly been featured on ESPN more times than fights he has on his record, will be taking a massive step up in class in facing Amir Khan conqueror Breidis Prescott.  The fight will likely take place in Russia on November 28, and will be for the WBO intercontinental title, meaning the winner will be close to getting a title shot at 140.  It would be the first fight at 140 for Prescott, who lost his last fight and has looked pretty robotic and average since spectacularly knocking out Khan last year.  On the undercard, prospect Fariz Kazimov will take on Chop Chop Corley, which probably means Corley will get robbed once again.  While he's been losing a lot lately, his skill level is still above that of a straight opponent, and a few of his losses have been questionable.   

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