Weekend Roundup: Maidana, Barrios win in Argentina

Marcos Maidana retained his interim 140-pound title with a win in Argentina.

You surely know the particulars from Oakland by now, as Andre Ward routed Mikkel Kessler, and if you go one post down from this one, you'll find out that Rodel Mayol upset Edgar Sosa to shake up the 108-pound division, and that young Marvin Sonsona had an off-night in Ontario, drawing and leaving the 115-pound division behind.

It was a busy Saturday around the boxing world, so let's look at some of the other results.

Marcos Maidana KO-3 William Gonzalez (Sunchales, Argentina)

Maidana (27-1, 26 KO) acquitted himself quite nicely as a known commodity, stopping his Panamanian challenger in three. Maidana retains the interim WBA junior welterweight title he won against Victor Ortiz in June. Gonzalez falls to 22-6-1 (7).

Jorge Barrios TKO-5 Michael Lozada ... Lucas Matthysse KO-4 Florencio Castellano (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Barrios' improved to 2-0 on the year by stopping the veteran Lozada in five. The big-mouthed Argentine wants a fight next with lightweight titlist Edwin Valero, but we'll see. I think he's exactly the type of guy Valero torches, but Barrios on paper does not lack for guts, nor has he in the ring. I'm not sure he really wants to fight Valero, though. Barrios is now 49-4-1 (35). Matthysse (25-0, 23 KO) continued his impressive streak of beating up nobody.

Chad Bennett UD-10 Aldo Rios (Newcastle, Australia)

Not really a notable fight, to be honest, but you might remember the 35-year-old Rios, another Argentina fighter, from past losses to Stevie Johnston (1999), Artur Grigorian (2001), Ricky Hatton (2003) and Isaac Hlatswayo (2006). Throw in Bennett, 36, a regional fighter, and you've got all of the losses on Rios' sheet. You also have pretty much the only notable fighters he's ever fought. If the Bennett win wasn't home cookin', Aldo should probably stick to Argentina from now on, because Bennett isn't quite in league with the rest of those guys.

Giovanni Segura KO-1 Sonny Boy Jaro (Merida, Mexico)

That should just about do it for Jaro in top-level fights. The Filipino is only 27, but going down in one to Segura -- a good fighter, no doubt -- is pretty rough. Segura is, in my view, one of the more underrated fighters out there.

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