Vargas' "Worlds Collide" much better on paper then "March Badness"

In case you haven't known, former Pan-Am and IBF Light Middleweight champ Fernando Vargas has dipped his hand in the promoter pie and has formed a mixed card of Boxing and MMA for tonight in Las Vegas. Here's more from the Vegas Sun...

“Boxing and MMA together in such a unique format, I think people are gonna come out and support it. I know as soon as my fight ends, I’m gonna be watching all the other ones.”

That’s exactly the sentiment new promoter and former world champion boxer Fernando Vargas is hoping fans bring to the eight-bout show.

“St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. You got the best of both worlds,” said Vargas, who is co-promoting the event with Roy Englebrecht. “You got a boxing fight, then an MMA fight, a boxing fight, then an MMA fight.”

Now on paper, this looks like an okay card. It's amatuer boxing and MMA put together so even if something goes a bit sour, these guys are still just babies in their sports so there's not much to screw up. I think the big issue with this card is possibly set up for officiating. You'd have to have an army of officials to switch between the two. It also look kinda rediculous when a boxing judge scores a ground fight.

I think the only problem that is apperant is weither or not the MMA fighers have this count in their record. I haven't seen this event in Sherdog's schedules. It would be a shame if this is only counted as exhibition matches.

If this was on TV though and I had a choice between World's Collide and March Badness, I would choose World's Collide. While it does lack "star" power, it has a very solid set up. There is focus on different weightclasses and it does look like there has been some logical thought put behind matchmaking then just throwing two guys together. "Badness" is just a mess.

So, if your in the area around the Buffalo Bill’s Star of the Desert Arena, I'd say pick up a ticket just to see how it turns out.

I'd definatly look forward to the results.

Worlds Collide $175,000 Tournament Boxing & MMA Quarterfinals #1

7 p.m. Sat., Feb. 14, 2009
Buffalo Bill’s Star of the Desert Arena

Blue Corner   Red Corner
MMA 3x3 – 180 pounds – Bout 8
Jorge Lopez; Las Vegas, Nev.; 3-1 vs. Brent Cooper; Irvine, Calif.; 4-0
Boxing 4 Rounds- 162 pounds – Bout 7
Herman Scott; Las Vegas, Nev.; 2-0 vs. Thomas Rittenbaugh; Las Vegas, Nev.; 3-2-2
MMA 3x3 - 155 pounds – Bout 6
Dustin Phillips; Las Vegas, Nev.; 3-1 vs. Jorge Molina; Las Vegas, Nev.; 2-0
Boxing 4 Rounds - 142 pounds – Bout 5
Ignacio Garcia; Riverside, Calif.; 2-0 vs. Isauro Tapia; Huntington Park, Calif.; 1-0
MMA 3x3 - 155 pounds – Bout 4
Dominic Verdugo; Victorville, Calif.; 5-3 vs. Fernando Bernstien; Aliso Viejo, Calif.; 2-0
Boxing 4 Rounds - 142 pounds – Bout 3
Horacio De Santiago; Riverside, Calif.; Debut vs. Yakub Shideav; Northridge, Calif.; Debut
MMA 3x3 Rounds - 135 pounds – Bout 2
Sidemar Honorio; Huntington Beach, Calif.; 3-0 vs. Martin Bautista; Irvine, Calif.; 6-4
Boxing 4 rounds - 132 pounds – Bout 1
David Yanez; Las Vegas, Nev.; Debut vs. Richard Ellis; Los Angeles, Calif.; 2-1

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