Mercer and Sylvia will box in a cage

Sylvia_medium You might have heard recently that the New Jersey State Athletic Commission denied sanctioning for a boxing match between 47-year old Ray Mercer and former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia. But don't worry. The fight will go on.

In a cage.

They're going to box in a cage.

They're going to box in a cage in Birmingham, Alabama.

Said shyster promoter Monte Cox:

"It just makes sense on so many levels, and it adds another twist to the main event," Cox stated in reference to the cage.

1. It makes sense only on the level that the rest of the show is MMA and thus held in the cage, and it would be dumb to tear down the cage and put up a ring for one lame fight. On NO OTHER LEVEL does this fight make sense.

2. It doesn't add a twist. This is the dumbest way possible to phrase it.

More from MMA Junkie:

Alabama does not have a regulatory commission to sanction the fight, but as ( recently reported, Cox insisted the NJSAC's decision was not the reason for selecting the new locale. The longtime promoter instead said a "big sponsor" was the reason for the change.

Sylvia, meanwhile, wants to prove that his stand-up is just as good as any boxer's, and he's hopeful he could launch a second career with a strong showing over his veteran opponent.

Yeah, he's going with "big sponsor" for moving this fight from Atlantic City to Birmingham. It had nothing to do with New Jersey being like, "Please get the hell out of our offices and do not ever ask us for something this dumb again. Thanks." No. No, of course not. It's a "big sponsor."

Sylvia, meanwhile, is delusional. Fast forward to about 4:30 for some Sylvia stand-up:

I'm certainly not saying that any one MMA fight shows us what Tim will be like as a boxer, but it seems a BIT optimistic to think you're going to make a career out of boxing if that's what happens to you against Fedor, you know what I mean?

I'm not saying he's lying, either. I'm sure he does want to prove his stand-up is as good as anybody's. I want to prove I have abs like Usher. I can't, though.

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