Roach and Mayweather melt down during conference call

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Oh, this is fantastic. has the full transcript up for your reading pleasure, and I seriously recommend reading all of it. It's great stuff. Two excellent trainers, two highly confident trainers, talking the biggest fight of the year.

There's even a lot of Floyd saying it's all fun for him, this is all just hype, and he even states, "I don't have nothing against Freddie. I really think Freddie's a nice guy, but right now this is warfare and I'm looking forward to my man winning, and I'm gonna do whatever it takes for him to win."

Moments later, it gets a little rougher:

Q: Floyd, both you and Freddie were fighters in your day. Who was the better fighter between the two of you?

Mayweather: Ah, man. Come on. Quit asking me crazy questions. No, man. I most definitely was the better fighter than Freddie Roach. As a matter of fact, I've got a poster down at the gym where Freddie's on my undercard.

Roach: You got a shot and ruined your career. Oh my God.

Q: Hey Freddie, what do you think about that?

Roach: Well, you know what, I tried really hard. I fought on TV a lot more than him. I was more popular than he was.

Mayweather: You were a bum.

Roach: You know, his brother was a great fighter but he lost to my fighter Marlon Sterling twice. He got his ass kicked twice. So how good was he? He was OK.

Mayweather: You weren't OK. You were a bum.

Roach: So you think.

Mayweather: You got whooped so much, Freddie. Come on, Freddie.

Roach: You're the expert. Hey Floyd, can I ask you a question?

Mayweather: Yes sir.

Roach: When I get presented the trainer of the year award I want youto present that to me this year, because that's as close as you'll get to it.

Mayweather: We're gonna see about that, Freddie. We'll see about that, Freddie.

Roach: I'd like for you to do that.

Mayweather: And what are you going to do when i win it, Freddie?

Roach: I've won it three times. You've never won it.

Mayweather: Yeah, what do you intend to do?

Roach: You're not going to win it ever.

Mayweather: But we already know, Freddie. We already know about you.

Roach: OK.

Mayweather: And those awards. We already know about all that.

Roach: Three times. Three times.

Positively outstanding.

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