Big British names weigh in on Hatton-Pacquiao


BBC Sport got together quite a set of British boxers (and Frank Warren) for their predictions on Hatton-Pacquiao.

Out of nine picks, Hatton takes five, Pacquiao takes two, and Joe Calzaghe and James DeGale won't actually commit.

Said Calzaghe:

"Ricky definitely has the height advantage against Pacquiao, so if he can close the range and cut him down he has a great chance of winning. He's got to take his chance."

Ricky has one inch of height and is giving up two inches (67" - 65") in reach. Sometimes I get the impression a lot of people think Hatton is bigger than he is and/or Pacquiao is smaller than he is. They're pretty much the same size. When Oscar fought Manny, Manny had bigger arms than Oscar. He's not a big man to be sure, but neither is Ricky. Hatton is a pretty small dude.

DeGale goes out on this massive limb:

"If Pacquiao goes out and boxes Hatton he will win on a points decision but if Hatton can draw Pacquaio into a fight, he is a bigger and stronger man and I believe he will be victorious."

To note: Boxing favors Pacquiao. Brawling favors Hatton. I'm pretty sure the first one is right, not so sure the second one is considering Pacquiao's a pretty nasty brawler himself.

Frank Warren weighs in:

"I have to admit I don't like Hatton's chances. Boxing at light-welterweight will suit Hatton but it will favour Pacquiao more. Pacquiao will be that bit quicker than he was against Oscar de la Hoya at welterweight - and even stronger."

Richie Woodhall goes to the greatest lengths to describe how he sees Ricky winning:

"I think Pacquiao will cause Hatton all sorts of problems but he hasn't got Floyd Mayweather's speed or skills and Hatton's still the best light-welterweight in the world.

"Pacquiao's fast but he's busy and in your face and that should suit Hatton down to the ground. It will be Hatton's hardest fight ever but he'll have too much."

Go to the BBC story linked up at the top of the post to see thoughts from David Haye, Ken Buchanan, Sir Henry Cooper, Carl Froch and Barry McGuigan as well.

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