Andre Ward SOG

I know I've raved enough about Andre Ward, "Son of God", and here's why.  I know some people claim he's injured and he's being spoon fed fighters, but here's how I'm going to break it down.... first, the guy is fast as hell.  He can outspeed most of his opponents on his athletic abilities alone.  Second, he has good power and can really knock his opponents around.  Third, not only does he have power, but in his fights he can roughhouse too when an opponent decides to wrestle.  Fourth, the guy has a really high ring iq, he's constantly mixing his style up with boxing, jabs, lead left hand, straight rights, body punches etc.  He can box, he can fight in the pocket, he can pot shot, and he's a strong finisher.  Fifth, he has good defense as he is rarely seen being hit flush (tho I haven't seen some of his earlier fights in which people said he was downed), and I see him being able to carry his defense and chin to the greater ranks (Edison Miranda Next).    Sixth, the guy switches from orthodox to southpaw like it's sauce, and it just weirds the heck out of his opponents!  Seventh, he's been groomed very carefully b/c according to their philosophy, it's better to prepare a fighter slowly as when it's done too fast the fighter is placed out of his ranks and thus his career is shortened.  This can be seen in the cases of David Reid and even Fernando Vargas.  Tho he's received a lot of flack for this, I think it still holds, he wants to be a "reigning" champion, not just a belt holder for 2-3 title defenses.  I see him to be the next great thing.  Don't believe me?  Watch some of his fights, and in addition, see that he doesn't stop Miranda within 5-6 rounds in May.  Here's some material for you to chomp on:

Ward vs. Buchanan:

Ward vs. Camou:


Ward vs. Ravelo:


Ward vs. Catrell:

A little Andre Ward with the Jordan brand sponsor:'

Ward vs. Rubin williams rounds 1 & 2


I predict by end of the year he'll have a title shot.  Pc out!





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