Sunday Morning Notes: Dawson-Tarver Hangover Edition

(AP photo)

Is Manny Pacquiao an all-time great? Author Mike Silver says no, because Pacquiao isn't really old and all boxers today are bad.

George Kimball has a piece up that features Freddie Roach. It also contains a great Joe Calzaghe quote regarding Carl Froch: "To be honest, it would be frightening what I would do to him if we fought. He doesn’t seem to realize that holding your hands up and defending yourself is a pretty vital part of boxing."

Steve Carp has a short bit about Andre Ward training in Las Vegas, and also notes the Hatton-Pacquiao gate numbers: 15,368 tickets sold for $8,832,950. The closed circuit in Vegas did an additional $575,750.

The rematch between Cristian Mijares and Nehomar Cermeno has been pushed back to late July or August. Cermeno upset Mijares in March, though many dispute the scoring.

The bill to establish a boxing commission in Alabama has passed, which is great news. Alabama's Deontay Wilder was instrumental in pushing it forward, and also give a lot of credit to Roy Jones Jr., who put his name in there and was in attendance with Wilder on Thursday.

Wanna know what Buster Douglas is up to? Follow his Twitter. He also has a book that helps with diets for diabetics.

Virgil Hill is keeping busy in retirement by going into the training game. He's training people who are serious about boxing, plus just folks that want to get into shape, and it all started in his garage. Pretty great story, and here's a great quote: "I love it. I love training people. I would do it for free, but my wife won’t let me." His wife is his business partner, too.

Matchmaker Bill Benton, who has been in boxing for 35 years, is horribly distraught over the death of Benjamin Flores. It was Benton who matched Flores for what turned out to be the young man's final fight. He says he'll likely never do anything in boxing again. It's just such an awful, awful tragedy. I truly hope Mr. Benton finds some peace about the situation. Best wishes to him, again to Mr. Flores' family, and also to Al Seeger.

Final note: For anyone who cares, that disgraceful eight-round mess held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Orlando between Yori Boy Campas and 46-year old Hector Camacho went to a draw. I am mildly curious as to what kind of crowd they fought in front of.

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