Does Boxing Need The Hayemaker ?

David 'the hayemaker' Haye cleaned up at the cruiser weight division.
He has since moved up to heavweight and has made alot of noise about his intentions to clean up this division too.He is contracted to fight both Wlad and Vitali over his next 3 fights.

David has recieved alot of mixed opinions on his t-shirt antics.Some people think he went overboard.
Have people forgotten the things Ali has said to his opponents? I'm sure a certain Joe Fraizer doesn't find the comments as 'amusing' as most.How about Tyson telling Lewis that he would 'eat Lewis kids'.
Its all just marketing and imo Haye has done a stellar job.He has got everybody talking about the heavies again.It will be held at Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany in front of a packed arena.
Its by far the biggest heavyweight fight since the days of Tyson/Lewis and the REAL Holyfield.

The average punter doesn't/or hasn't known the champions name of boxing's marquis division,the heavyweight's in years.This has brought boxing's popularity down as a main stream sport.

David Haye has the opportunity to take 3 of the 4 major belts over his next 3 fights giving the people a clear champion.
He brings name recognition.He is a ko artist.He brings massive power,speed,aggression and great technical skills to the division.He is brash,charismatic and outspoken,looks to please the ladies and only wants the biggest fights.A breath of fresh air in todays climate where even the top superstars are over-protected to a degree.Promoters protecting the '0' and going after the 'money' fights.The best don't always fight the best anymore.
David Haye has brought excitement back to the heavweights and has every punter talking about it.He has instilled a new interest in boxings marquis division from the average punter to boxing fanatics.
Traditionally when the heavweight's are doing well,boxing as a whole does well.

Does boxing need David 'the hayemaker' Haye ?
I think it does and more people in the sport like him.People that are willing to take risks,only want to fight the best.It ain't all about the 'o'.
People like Haye can transcend the sport and put it right back in its place as a mainstream combat sport.Just like it was in the golden years of Ali/Frazier.The 'fabulous 4' of the 80's and more recent era of Lewis/Tyson and Holyfield.

What do you guy's think?

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