Macca leaves Calzaghe camp and fights on Khan Kotelnik undercard

Enzo Maccarinelli has departed from his long term training camp in a last ditch attempt to resurrect his flailing career.

He insists he left Enzo Calzaghe's gym on good terms and would not attribute any blame to Cazlaghe for his devastating loss to Ola Afolabi.

Calzaghe has abruptly gone from hero to zero, as his once brimming gym has become a barren barnhouse in Wales, where most of the exciting talent has disappeared.

Once the gym had three world champions - Joe Calzaghe, Enzo Maccarinelli and Gavin Rees. But Rees' glory was short-lived as he was broken down by methodical Andriy Kotelnik in his first defence, Maccarinelli came up short in a crushing KO to David Haye and Joe Calzaghe has retired. Undefeated prospect Nathan Cleverly, whose skills were developed under Enzo Calzaghe, has swiftly flown the Newbridge nest as he approaches crunch time is his career - a commonwealth British title fight. Bradley Pryce was touted as a future world champion before being recently obliterated by Matthew Hall.

Enzo Maccarinelli hinted that his preparation was not substantial enough for the Afolabi fight, admitting he did no sparring and felt gassed after the first round. He fought a rugged, sloppy fight, landing some solid shots, but the confident Afolabi showed a growing belief, had heavy hands and caught Enzo with the money shot in the 9th which sent Macca's head spinning. He was significantly down on the scorecards but Enzo was in la-la land, back in the place David Haye had put him.

Calzaghe has been vilified for Enzo's defeat and lack of sparring, but the fact is that sparring is not an essential ingredient in the Newbridge gym, which is more focussed on hardcore stamina and speed building. Joe Calzaghe was not a prolific sparrer, as his father pointed out, but Calzaghe is a one-off in terms of skill and he could rely on his natural talent in the ring - so long as his stamina was tip top, which it always was. 'Super Mac' is a different animal to Joe Calzaghe.

Maccarinelli has placed his trust in Preston-based Karl Ince, who is no stranger in the camp and has helped Enzo Calzaghe in the corner before. He is a former fighter and well respected, and will give Macca the "freshening up" he believes he needs. He also admitted he had become too distracted at home in Newbridge and is aware that his future is in the balance.

He has been handed a chance to get himself back in the reckoning against Denis Lebedev, an undefeated Russian who is also on Frank Warren's books. The bout will take place on June 27th and will be for the WBO Intercontinental Championship. Can Maccarinelli rid the demons of two brutal KO's in his last three fights? He has admitted training for UFC and has a strong desire to switch sports eventually, believing his heavy hands could do serious damage in the octagon. Has this taken his focus off the prize in boxing?

Enzo is a skilled fighter, who hits hard and works the body really well - a trait of his former camp in Newbridge. But he has a suspect chin and he may well need more than a change of scenery and trainer to rejuvinate his declining career. He aims to be the first Welshman to reclaim a world title.


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