Malignaggi and Van Hoy continue to battle in the press

Brooklyn's Paulie Malignaggi isn't going to forgive and forget about Gale Van Hoy's controversial scorecard. (Photo via

Texas judge Gale Van Hoy spoke on the record with Michael Marley about the controversy surrounding his awful 118-110 Diaz scorecard from Saturday night in Houston:

Speaking from his home in Dickinson, Tx., Van Hoy admitted his scoring was off the mark but stuck to his guns about Diaz being the rightful winner.

"Oscar is probably right. I could have messed up, I’m human," Van Hoy told and Boxingconfidential.

"I never claimed to be perfect but I’m not a hometown judge. I’ve done 65 or so world title fights. I’ve done fights involving Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and Kostya Tszyu. I did a Paulie fight in Little Rock, an eight rounder and I gave Paulie six or seven rounds. He doesn’t remember or mention that."

Van Hoy said he viewed Maliganggi’s jab and dash tactics as being less effective than Diaz’s constant aggression.

"I am not infallible but this is how I saw it. Maybe, in retrospect, I was wide in my score, maybe I was off by a round or two. Paulie’s got a good jab but it kept hitting Juan’s gloves. There was not enough power in those jabs."

Paulie Malignaggi has shot back, speaking with's Rick Reeno:

"I found this very funny. The punches weren't hard enough? Diaz's face must have cut up on its own. I have a very heavy jab. What about the fact that I threw 300 more punches than him? What about the fact that my jab stopped him from getting off with his own punches? Very rarely does any opponent out-throw Juan Diaz.

"And when the hell did we establish the power of a jab? ... He says he's not a hometown judge? I have a list of his fights. Don't worry, Mr. Van Hoy, this is not over. I am not going away any time soon. He should keep his mouth shut because he's only diggins his own grave even deeper."

Malignaggi clearly has no desire to just drop this matter. He's going to dig and dig, it would appear, and while he has to know there's no chance of this being overturned or even seriously investigated, it seems as though he's genuinely angry enough to keep this in the news as long as he can.

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