Mandatory Eight Count: Viloria hoping to kickstart boxing in Hawaii

Brian Viloria hopes to bring boxing back to the main stage in Hawaii. The island state's combat fight scene has been overtaken by mixed martial arts, but Viloria is confident he can help re-build the sweet science at home.

Viloria hopes to lure fans back -
Brian Viloria is confident the fight card he is headlining opposite Mexican Jesus "El Azul" Iribe will not end up in the red this coming weekend at the Blaisdell Center in Hawaii.

Mike Birmingham, who trained St. Pete boxers Winky Wright and Jeff Lacy, dies at 49 - St. Petersburg Times
Mike Birmingham, who with his brother Dan at the St. Petersburg Boxing Club trained Winky Wright, Jeff Lacy and hundreds of fighters over more than 20 years died Sunday at 49.

Abner Mares' life has been a fight from the start --
When Abner Mares was in second grade, his breakfast came from a can. Well, it was more a series of dumpsters really, just behind the neighborhood Wal-Mart. "We would go there every morning, around 3 or 4, just looking for food," he remembers. "They throw out the milk, bread and all that. So we used to go pick all that up. That was our grocery shopping."

Chinese boxers come to U.S. to train with Duva team -
Chinese boxers have long been one of the great rarities of professional sports, certainly since the cultural revolution of the '60s, when prizefighting was banned in China for being too capitalistic. But after Muhammad Ali visited China in 1979, the the communist country re-embraced amateur boxing, and it culminated in a show of strength at the Beijing Olympics when China won two gold medals — including its first — plus a silver and a bronze.

Will Dan Goossen Finally Lay That Golden Egg? |
Trying to analyze the up-and-down career of promoter Dan Goossen presents a challenge to those whose only recourse is to draw analogies ... lots and lots of analogies.

Gilbert will take new tack in Saturday's Rural Rumble | | Reno Gazette-Journal
Joey Gilbert knows he had the wrong game plan when he fought Jesse Brinkley at the Reno Events Center in February.

For Thrashers, boxing has lots of benefits |
You’ve heard the one about the guy that went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out. For Thrashers, Eric Boulton and Chris Thorburn, it’s not just a joke.

Billy Bob Thornton in the Ring for Boxing Movie - ABC News
Billy Bob Thornton is attached to star in "Pound for Pound," a boxing drama based on a novel by F.X. Toole, the author of the book that was the source for "Million Dollar Baby."

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