Hlatshwayo - Rodriguez

MOHEGAN SUN - In Saturdays welterweight fight for the IBF title vacated by Joshua Clottey, Danbury CT native Delvin Rodriguez, had a rematch with Isaac Hlatshwayo in a very exciting, abet meaningless, title fight.  The previous fight had been ruled a draw. The crowd, myself included, was very pro Rodriguez, through their chants seemed to motivate the wrong fighter.  In the firts three rounds Rodriguez pressed the issue, working Hlatshwayo up aginst the ropes.  Delving clearly took the first three, but at the end of it looked suprised he had thrown everything he had and Isaac kept coming. 


via Star Boxing


Much of the fight was spent with Delvin Rodriguez trying to work into the covered up Isaac Hlatshwayo's defence, throwing some big combinations that fell uslessly on Hlatshwayo's mits.  Rodriguez figured it out for a brief moment in the 5th, landing 3 concentuave clean uppercuts - leading the crowd to call for more.  It was Hlatshwayo however who heeded the advice, rocking Rodriguez as they fought on the inside.  Delvin was hit with so many uppercut infact that he had to change his style, lowering and entending his lead hand to cacth the shots coming from his South African counter part.

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There were no knockdowns, and while Hlatshwayo appeared to extend his dominance as the bout wore on, it was at least in part because Rodriguez' game plan seemed to wander astray. For the first few rounds he had maintained his range and out boxed his foe while maintaining an effective distance, but as the evening wore on, Hlatshwayo not only seemed to find answers for Rodriguez' attack (most of which relied on one hand, his left), but was increasingly able to lure his foe into close quarters. Hlatshwayo is one of those fellows who would love to have all his fights phone booth-sized rights, and on this night Delvin was all too willing to accommodate him.

Analysis by thesweetscience mirroring myown thoughts on the bout.

I dont see this as a split decision at all.  115-113 Hlatswayo is the best it could be for Rodriguez.  Thats with him winning the first three and stealing 2 just because he pressed the action.  Tony Paolillo and Isaac Tshabalala both has it 116-112 Hlatswayo. Glen Feldman somehow found it 115-113 for Rodriguez.

To his credit, each round after the 6th, there was a sence that this would be the one Rodriguez goes down.  He showed a lot of heart going the distance. In the end it was a bad matchup for him.  He couldnt use his reach against such a solid and frusterating D and ended up fighting an inside fight that he didnt look entrerly comfortable in.  Star Boxing is reporting he injured his hand halfway thought the fight, which may be a reinjury from his last fight.  I hope this dosent become a cronic thing for him.

After seeing them both in person, Hlatswayo fights a lot like Joshua Clottey.  Squaring up the shoulders, both arms equal height straight up and down, leaning back and using the ropes.  They both look to get hit and eploit the resulting openings and fatigue. (I wish someone would figure out the only way to get through that stance is to drive upper cuts up between the elbows as its boring to watch)  They each forced the fights to an area where they are comforable and I give them credit for being able to control that. Its takes a lot to get another guy to fight your fight. Pray to God no one thinks it would be a good idea to put on Clottey-Hlatswayo. That fight would consist of them each leaning on opposite ropes waiting for the other to come get them.  Hlatswayo won this fight out of that style, and its quite effective, but I can understand why the judges dont score it favorably (you get the same thing in MMA with ju jitsu guys working on their backs)

I would like to see Hlatswayo get a good fight and hopefully now that he has a belt he can get someone to fight him. The Betro discussion is getting me very excited. 

I will add more photos and video to this post tonight when I download them off my camera. Not 10 minnutes after posting 30 seconds of the fight on youtube was a hit with an e mail threatining legal action if I didnt take it down.

Pull down the video or be sued. Your choice, If you want to pay us to maintain this video it will cost you 9.95 be view, as that is the money we are losing by your stealing.

If you believe you are in the right then send me you name and address so i do not have to subpeona youtube and i can have my attorney start the litigation immediately

My response:

The video is already disabled. Its not a full fight, and just a camera phone clip. I paid 150 a seat to sit that close and there was no policy on cameras. If you wanted to protect your video rights you should have notified guests and enforced a camera policy. Get over yourself.


The card also featured a bout between 2007 amateur world champ and 2008 Olympian Demetrius Andrade (6-0) against Chad Greenleaf.  This is my second time seeing Andrade and this is my announcement to all of you: Get on the band wagon now.  This kid is special.  The first time I saw him I thougth they were feeding him some scrub and him looking good was relitave.  However Greenleaf was no slouch and Andrade put on a show.  Tall, fast and powerful.  He seems motivated since the BS upset decision at the 2008 Olympics. His promoters are fast tracking him, getting quick wins under his belt.  His next fight is in Providance RI and I am now seriously considering going.  I have video of this kid which I will post later.



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