Boxing Quotes of the Day

Camacho Jr. on El Feroz: "But for him to come looking like a super heavyweight and say he’s looking for a fight, that’s a slap in the face. I see it as straight disrespect like I’m easy pickings."

He got tits and a double chin, I ain't losing to no guy with tits. He’s got a belly too.  When it comes down to it he looks like a fat Mexican. I’m not sugar coating s**t.

- Hector Camacho Jr., responding to Fernando Vargas calling him out.

The only thing we have been focused on is Rocky Juarez.  If we don’t win, Chris will be back fighting for Daniel Bahari on an Indonesian TV Station at one o’clock in the morning for 500 Thousand Rupiah, about 100 bucks a fight, so there’s no next until we win this.

- Craig Christian, Chris John's trainer, on the Rocky Juarez fight.  Christian says they're training to win by KO, because he thinks the crowd will influence the judges again on Mexican Independence Day.

I'm bringing that fear factor back into boxing like Mike Tyson did.  I'm looking at my opponents in their corner and they're scared of me before I even fight.  Watch McDermott and see if he's not scared. I think he'll be in a shell for five rounds before he even wakes up. But he'll wake up on the floor. I've got a 100 per cent knockout record and I don't want to lose that.

- Tyson Fury, on his fight with John McDermott tomorrow.

According to all the internet websites, I’m weighing upwards of 280 or something like that.  You know what; right now I weigh in the low 260's.  Come fight time, I’m probably going to be 200 pounds.

- Cris Arreola, joking around in his open workout. 

I have come to fight a champion in his hometown and I know that many have failed to win against Calderon, who fights like an amateur boxer as he seldom engages in a toe-to-toe battle, always running away on his bicycle.  I have come to fight a man, who I hope will fight like a man by showing his people that he is ready to take the challenge by not always running away. If he runs away from me, I might just have to run away from him, too. I expect to find a ring that will be too huge for both of us, so if he decides to play hide-and-seek, I might also play that game and the fight will become boring and people will boo us.

- Rodel Mayol, half-joking about his expectations of his rematch with Ivan Calderon. 

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