Money Mayweather owes more money

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has many dollar bills! Are you impressed by this display?!

JP Morgan Chase Bank has filed suit in Nevada against Floyd Mayweather Jr., who reportedly owes about $167,000 on a Maybach 57S that he purchased in February 2007. ("Purchased" may not be the word I want...)

From the AP:

Caleb Langsdale, a lawyer for JP Morgan Chase Bank, said in a lawsuit filed last week in Clark County District Court that the former five-division boxing champion bought the Mercedes Maybach 57S in February 2007 and stopped making monthly payments of more than $9,000 a year later.

The bank repossessed the vehicle in January, sold it for $196,000, and is seeking to recoup the difference, the lawsuit said.

A lawyer for Mayweather did not immediately respond Monday to a message seeking comment from The Associated Press. A representative for Mayweather said the boxer and his manager were not available.


Mayweather borrowed more than $415,000 at 16 percent annual interest to buy the $528,000 sedan, according to a copy of the contract attached to the lawsuit.

A letter to Mayweather said he owed $363,000 when the car was repossessed, court documents said.

Look, I'm not slamming Mayweather when I say this, but there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he needs the money, is there? Add this to the $6 million-plus he reportedly owes the IRS, and every "No, that's not true!" from Floyd and Leonard Ellerbe just keeps seeming like a bigger and bigger pile of BS.

And I really mean I'm not slamming Floyd. Dude's job is boxing, so he's going to box. But of course he came back in large part because of the money. Anyone that believes otherwise is being naïve, really.

As much as I'm trying not to take shots, he should really reconsider that new nickname he gave himself a while back, and also, he should probably not go on "24/7" with such boastful statements as, "We got the big boy mansion, we got Lambos, we got Rolls Royces, we got a lot of stuff, but guess what? The difference between me and everybody else — my s**t is paid for, what about yours?"

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