Weighty Issue: Marquez comes in at 142, Mayweather at 146?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. apparently missed the reported 144-pound catchweight for Saturday's fight, coming in at 146 pounds. But no one in Las Vegas is saying anything about it -- why? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

UPDATE: Dan Rafael of ESPN.com reports on ESPNews that after not filing the contract that had the agreed-upon 144-pound catchweight, Mayweather and Marquez agreed last night to have a 147-pound limit, and that Golden Boy Promotions has to pay Marquez for every pound over 144, so he has to pay for two pounds. It doesn't really make sense to me that Golden Boy would pay Marquez for the pounds and not Mayweather or "Mayweather Promotions," but hey, whatever, right?

To me, this absolutely reeks. Why was the contract not filed? Did Floyd ever intend to make 144 pounds? It's fishy to put it nicely.

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In a somewhat stunning bit of news coming out of the Mayweather-Marquez weigh-in in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. came in at 146 pounds, apparently missing the reported agreed-upon catchweight of 144 pounds.

But nobody at the event said anything about it. Nobody.

I am assuming that the 144-pound weight was accurate in reports, but recall that Floyd Mayweather oddly did not want anyone to say anything about the weight in the lead-up to the fight. Hell, watch HBO's "24/7" -- nobody mentions it once. Not one single time.

This is what I deeply feared about that, that if Floyd couldn't quite get to 144 pounds, it would then be treated by the promoters and Mayweather himself as a mistake in the previous reports. Well why not come out and say it was a welterweight fight then?

I want to be psyched for the big fight tomorrow, but right now I'm more curious, annoyed and befuddled than anything else. On the surface, it seems like Mayweather couldn't get to 144, but the fight's not getting canceled again, so everyone will just go along with this.

This story likely will develop quickly, or at least it damn well better. Someone needs to explain this, but right now, my inclination is that he just couldn't make 144 pounds and they all agreed to forget about it.

Everyone else was on weight:

Featherweights, 10 Rounds: Orlando Cruz 126, Cornelius Lock 125

Lightweights, 12 Rounds: Michael Katsidis 135, Vicente Escobedo 134

Featherweights, 12 Rounds: Chris John 126, Rocky Juarez 126

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