Ricardo Mayorga going into MMA?

Ricardo Mayorga appeared at a small MMA show in Florida and it was hinted that he might make his debut in that sport soon. (Photo via ESPN)

UPDATE: Another e-mail from Chris said the following:

They confirmed it later in the broadcast - Mayorga vs. "a big surprise opponent" at the next Shine Fights event.

So, uh, who knows? Weird, weird, weird. Chris figures Mayorga is hard up for cash, and given his legal troubles in the last year, yeah, probably.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chris Nelson of Bloody Elbow e-mailed me tonight while watching Shine Fights II, and had this weird bit of information:

Watching the Shine Fights online PPV right now, and Ricardo Mayorga is in the (very sparse) crowd. Dorian Price (one of the promoters; also a cast member on TUF a few years back) is doing commentary, and said we can expect to see Mayorga in his MMA debut at Shine's next show.

The only news we've heard of Mayorga in months came the other day when he decided to sue Don King. It would seem unlikely he'll be doing any fighting at all, but who knows? Maybe his ambitious lawyer found some type of loophole that would allow him to take paydays in MMA without King's involvement.

The last year or so of Mayorga's career has been really bizarre, so even if we can be certain that it's 99.9999% that Mayorga won't be fighting MMA any time soon, or ever, it's not surprising that it's being talked about.

Other fun tidbits from Chris' Shine Fights commentary:

Announcers are chatting but I don’t think they know their mics are on…

“Me and this girl got this deal, if we aren’t married by the time we’re 40, we’re gonna marry each other…”

Dorian Price just walked up and said something about he’d rather be anywhere else right now. The announcers said “we’re gonna make the best of it.”

The ring announcer, trying to get the crowd hyped up, yells “y’all ready to have some fun tonight?!” and the play-by-play guy mutters into his mic “not really.”

Oh dear.

I love shows like this.

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