Mandatory Eight Count: China on the rise

A plea to Dana White: Tell James Toney to buzz off (Cagewriter)
Steve Cofield of Yahoo! Sports Cagewriter joins the many that want nothing to do with James Toney in the UFC. Frankly, I don't "get it" -- I mean, I do, I guess, but I really don't. UFC bringing in James Toney, on some level, gives the impression that they need James Toney. They don't. Toney hasn't been a star for years. Toney has failed post-fight drug tests in Nevada. Toney's conditioning has been lacking for about a decade. I've seen more than one person describe James as "punch-drunk." White claiming that there's "no money [in boxing]" is kinda dumb, but in the case of James Toney, he's right. There's no money in boxing for James Toney, because he's a washed-up, 41-year-old man who hasn't put on a good fight in years. It's not boxing; it's Toney.

Larry Holmes will be larger than life (
Larry Holmes will be honored with a statue in Easton, PA, where he grew up. "The Easton Assassin" will have his statue erected on a street that bears his name.

Manny Pacquiao Moves On...and Into a Wall! (The Boxing Bulletin)
Ron Pegram, "The Casual Fan," takes a look at the Pacquiao-Clottey fight.

Viloria a long way from L.A. swap meet (LA Daily News)
Robert Morales with a story on Brian Viloria, who turns his career around in 2009.

China wins four golds at international boxing in Pakistan (Xinhua)
This is really something to watch for in boxing this decade. The Chinese are coming on exceptionally fast the last couple of years, and now have taken four gold medals at the first Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Championship in Pakistan. Pakistan fielded two teams and won a gold, three silvers and eight bronzes; Thailand claimed two golds; Syria won two golds and two silvers. This wasn't all the top competition in the world, obviously, but it's impressive.

Local fighter Shawn Porter to highlight nationally televised show at Wolstein Center (
Earliest indications had the 2/19 Friday Night Fights headlined by Fernando Guerrero in Cleveland, but now it looks like it'll be local boy Shawn Porter, another top prospect. Porter will face Russell Jordan (15-6, 10 KO) at Cleveland State's Wolstein Center.

Wayne McCullough: 'I'm Fit Enough to Fight' (FanHouse)
Wayne McCullough (27-7, 18 KO) is looking at another comeback at 39.

Canadian boxing coach banned 12 years for administering steroids (The Canadian Press)
Canadian conditiong coach Valerio Mascariello has been banned for 12 years (that should be "suspended" for 12 years, shouldn't it?) for administering steroids to a female boxer, Amanda Galle. Galle was suspended two years last April for testing positive.

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