Mandatory Eight Count - A Tale of Two Training Camps

Roger Mayweather's trial has been pushed back for now, so he will now be available until at least January. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Vegas trial for Roger Mayweather postponed until 2011 |

A Nevada judge has postponed until Jan. 24 a trial for boxing trainer Roger Mayweather on felony charges that he attacked a female boxer at an apartment he owned. So Floyd wouldn't set up a fight with Pacquiao in part because he wasn't sure Roger would be available. Now it seems that instead Roger won't be available early next year, but in the meantime, Floyd has gotten into his own trouble that will probably prevent the big fight from happening. My high school English teacher (or a certain English professor who writes for this blog) would yell at me for calling that irony.

Misdirection on Manny's Camp | Various

Stories are just flying out of Manny Pacquiao's training camp left and right.  Depending on who you believe, Pacquiao was TKOed by Amir Khan in sparringPacquiao hurt Glen Tapia in sparringPacquiao and Roach will look for a way to cancel the fight; Roach is relieved that Pacquiao is getting more focused on the fightPacquiao is having his worst training camp ever; or Pacquiao's handlers aren't worried.  Evidently, while all of this is going on, he's had time to write an autobiography, which will be released the week after the Margarito fight, and he'll be singing with Will Ferrell on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday.  

Glen Tapia signs four-year deal with Top Rank | Boxing Scene

Evidently, Bob Arum flew out to the Philippines and was impressed enough with Tapia, one of Pacquiao's chief sparring partners, that he extended Tapia's deal with Top Rank by four years.  I've done a profile of Tapia here, and I think it's a good move overall - he's an all-action fighter with the will and desire to become a top level fighter.  For those who are interested, Tapia did a weekly diary with discussing his experiences in Pacquiao's camp.  He has a fight in Atlantic City this weekend.

Margarito's Camp Going Well | International Sports Examiner

While there appears to be a circus going on at Pacquiao's training camp, nothing but good news has been coming out of Antonio Margarito's camp.  Margarito has his daily training routine and he sticks to it.  Brandon Rios, whose mouth is getting louder and louder, has been sparring some with Margarito and has been trash talking on the camp's behalf (while in between badmouthing Victor Ortiz).  Margarito has been getting some solid sparring in, including against Rios, light middleweight contender Austin Trout, former Olympian Ricardo Williams, Cleotis Pendarvis and Casey Martinez.

Ex-boxing champ gets 12 years | Houston Chronicle

Reggie Johnson was convicted of defrauding the Houston Area Urban League, taking between $100,000 and $200,000 for summer boxing camps that never materialized. Quality guy that is, taking money from a charity. Since losing to Roy Jones in 1999, Johnson had been retired on and off, last beating Julio Cesar Gonzalez in 2008.

Tavoris Cloud Ready for Fulgencio Zuniga on Dec. 17 | Boxing FanHouse

December 17 in Miami is shaping up to be a pretty decent card. Cloud will make his second title defense at Zuniga, a former three weight title challenger who might have been stretching things a bit even fighting at super middleweight. Also scheduled - Odlanier Solis vs. Ray Austin, Guillermo Jones vs. DaVarryl Williamson, and Darrell Madison vs. Michael Marrone. And still no TV. I wonder how Don King actually pays these guys, considering how he's had to paper the heck out of his last few cards in South Florida.

Dan Rafael's selections for the 2010 International Boxing Hall of Fame class | ESPN

Dan Rafael discusses his votes for next year's hall of fame class. Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez should be stone cold locks for the honor, while Rafael says that Kostya Tszyu is a lock as well.


Photos: Odlanier Solis, Ray Austin Go Face To Face | Boxing Scene

Well at least Vitali Klitschko's next mandatory will be someone who's in shape. Oh, never mind. Austin looks like he could use a month of camp, but Solis has really let himself go. He's orca fat. He's starting to approach Gabe Brown territory.  

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