Mandatory Eight Count: Audley Harrison Won't Quit, Carl Froch Will Save the UK

Audley Harrison not planning on retiring after David Haye loss (ESPN UK)
Good news, everyone!!!!!!!

Carl Froch promises: I'll restore your faith (Daily Star)
Carl Froch is promising to "restore" the UK's faith in boxing. This whole Audley Harrison deal over there ... look, I don't want to say I really know what's going on with the common man and boxing fan in the UK, and the UK friends we have here on the site seem pretty level-headed, but the press about this is positively hilarious. "Harrison's dismal show sent the sport's popularity plunging," this article states. I mean holy crap. Froch also says Arthur Abraham's power is overrated.

Pacquiao simply the best of all time, says Arum (Reuters)
"I have never seen anything like that," Arum said of the Filipino's two-fisted dominance. "Not with (Sugar) Ray Leonard, not with Marvin Hagler, not with Duran. I look at old movies of (Sugar) Ray Robinson and Robinson couldn't do that. So I really look at Manny now as being the best I've ever seen. I really believe that." -- Bob Arum

Dustin Pedroia: No interest in fighting Pacquiao (WEEI)
I honestly have no idea what the purpose of this is. I mean, I like jokes, and I was expecting some fun joking-around about the idea of Dustin Pedroia, who is noted for being short, and Pacquiao, who is a small man, fighting each other in some sort of cross-sport duel, but ... I don't see anything here, really. "I haven't watched boxing in a while," Pedroia helpfully notes. Oh! I thought this was going to be funny. It wasn't. So I'm sharing my disappointment with you. At least nobody's asked David Eckstein.

AMC Enters Unscripted Game With Boxing Project (Hollywood Reporter)
AMC is gong to have a boxing reality series starring Freddie Roach. Writer James Hibberd erroneously reports that Roach has trained Floyd Mayweather Jr., which is just wildly not true.

New Fight Night to Be the Most Mature Fighting Game from EA Sports Yet (PlayStation Lifestyle)
Fight Night Champion from EA Sports marks the first 'Mature' rated game from the company.

Elvir Muriqi to battle Daniel Judah Saturday (BoxeoMundial)
All-NY battle in Brooklyn this Saturday.

Appleby in line to face champ Burns (
If Paul Appleby wins his December 4 fight against Joseph Lareya, he would be in line for a shot at WBO super featherweight titlist Ricky Burns. It would be a big fight in Scotland. Burns faces Andreas Evensen in the main event of that December 4 card.

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