What's YOUR walk-out music?

Fantasy question here based on a long, drunken conversation from the other night.

If you're a fight fan, odds are very strongly you've had at least one daydream of being a fighter. No need to deny here amongst friends. Hell, when I'm having trouble sleeping, I don't count sheep; I imagine fighting my way up the heavyweight division. (Properly speaking, I walk around at super middle/middleweight, but heavyweight is the best division for sleep-inducement.) Watching football, basketball, or even baseball, which I lettered in in high school, doesn't induce the same fantasizing. Why is that?

My theory is, it's the individuality of it. As a fighter, you choose your own uniform, you develop your own style...if you're successful in there, it's at least particularly because you've become one with your physical and mental strengths and weaknesses in a way not everyone really has to in life.

Oh, did I mention that you get to pick your own theme song? And unlike baseball, they aren't playing a paltry 15 seconds of it?

So if you were a fighter, what would you enter the ring with? Something to rattle the stadium? Something of deep personal significance? Something hilarious?

Three picks for me:


1) J Dilla, "Glamour Sho75": A rattling beat by the greatest hip-hop producer of all-time to make all my own, with a secret to match my sensitive side: it's based on a Janet Jackson sample. Lyrics don't play well in arenas, so instrumentals bring the most power.

2) Public Enemy, "Lost at Birth": Pure. Sonic. Warfare. Even its use in Pineapple Express hasn't taken any of the fear  and force out of it. Not the song I'm going with if I punch like Chris Byrd, though.

3) David Holmes, "Don't Die Just Yet": Low, cool (it's a Serge Gainsbourg reworking...doesn't get much cooler), purposeful, with flourishes of violent sound.

Honorary mentions: Lil' Flip v.s. Radiohead, "Game Over, Sit Down," Gang Starr, "B.Y.S.," Big Daddy Kane, "Ain't No Half Steppin'," David Byrne and Brian Eno, "Mea Culpa."

And what are you walking into the ring to?

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