Saturday Night Boxing Results: Omar Nino Stunned in Mexico

Here's a big, full round-up of all of the late Saturday action.

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Juan Manuel Lopez RTD-8 Rafael Marquez. In a great toe-to-toe war which lived up to the hype despite a bit of a letdown ending, Lopez remains undefeated. Read our full recap.
  • Glen Johnson TKO-8 Allan Green. Johnson moves into the Super Six semifinals with the victory, and Green's future becomes pretty cloudy despite his best performance in a while. Read our full recap.
  • Daniel Attah KO-2 Marvin Quintero. This officially establishes Quintero (20-3, 16 KO) as a hype job with a shabby chin. Attah (25-6-1, 9 KO) isn't a bad fighter, but this was definitely supposed to be a step fight for Quintero, who has been stopped in all of his losses. At 23, of course youth is still on his side, but it's not easy to overcome chin issues early in a career, especially when they show up against middling fighters, and Quintero isn't exactly Amir Khan in ability.
  • Diego Magdaleno TKO-4 Derrick Campos. I feel good for Campos (20-10, 11 KO), who loses basically all his fights now but has made himself a lucrative little career out of being a low-level gatekeeper. It wasn't that long ago he was just a nobody club fighter in Kansas. But you do have to start wondering if his chin is cracking, as this is his second straight stoppage loss, and Magdaleno (17-0, 5 KO) isn't exactly a puncher.
  • McWilliams Arroyo TKO-1 Cesar Grajeda. Arroyo (5-1, 4 KO) keeps plugging away despite an upset loss to Takashi Okada in a terrific four-rounder earlier this year.
  • Anthony Lenk UD-6 Dany Escobar. Minor upset, as Escobar (6-1, 5 KO) was the prospect here. Lenk is now 8-1 (4 KO), with his only loss coming to Jesse Vargas (12-0, 7 KO).
  • Mickey Bey Jr. UD-6 Eric Cruz, Jesse Magdaleno TKO-1 Matthew Salazar. Bey is now 16-0 (8 KO). This was the pro debut for Magdaleno.

Providence, New Jersey

  • Zab Judah SD-12 Lucas Matthysse, Robert Guerrero UD-10 Vicente Escobedo. Needless to say, not the stunner of a performance Judah wanted, but he ekes out the win and moves forward. Read our full recap.
  • Sadam Ali TKO-2 Gary Bergeron. Ali (10-0, 6 KO) continues building his record on notable undercards. Bergeron (12-7, 7 KO) was just a side step from Ali's recent wins.
  • Adrien Broner TKO-1 Ilido Julio. I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions on Cincinnati's Broner (18-0, 15 KO), but clearly he was too much for the veteran Julio (40-20-1, 35 KO) in this one.
  • Michael Perez, Mikael Zewski, Michael Brooks, Tyrone Luckey, Angel Concepcion and Bastie Samir all won their fights.

Merida, Mexico

  • Gilberto Keb Baas MD-12 Omar Nino. This is a massive shocker, as Baas (34-20-4, 21 KO) has lost pretty much all his fights against decent opponents before now. And now he's the WBC junior flyweight titlist. Nino went down in the first and eighth rounds and even home field advantage couldn't secure the win for him. This is right up there for upset of the year, and really might be leading the field. Ricky Burns and Jean Pascal had big upsets, but they were known to be at least pretty decent fighters. Baas was supposed to just be a walkover for Nino.

Newport, Wales

  • Gavin Rees TKO-11 John Watson, Jason Cook KO-6 Barrie Jones. Read our full recap, along with other earlier Saturday results.
  • Bradley Pryce PTS-8 Michael Lomax. Pryce (31-8, 18 KO) is one of the more unpredictable fighters in the game, but he takes the 79-75 win over Lomax (17-3-1, 2 KO).

Fairfax, Virginia

  • William Joppy D-10 Cory Cummings. Yes, Joppy is still fighting. No, he probably shouldn't be. Joppy is now 39-6-2 (30 KO), and hasn't won a fight since 2007. Cummings is 17-4-1 (13 KO).
  • Jimmy Lange KO-10 Joe Wyatt. It wouldn't be a card in Fairfax without Jimmy Lange (34-4-2, 24 KO).
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