Shadowing Boxing: Ortiz Vs. Peterson in Hindsight

Ortiz came into the fight much larger than Peterson and the fight played out as if he was the bigger man. The December meeting is considered to be a primer fight for both sides. Both fighters are looking the come into 2011 with the intent of making the upper ranks of their division.

The southpaw Ortiz is still trying to shake of the rippler effects of the 2009 mega-brawl with Marcos Maidana. Peterson is trying to shake off a recent loss as well. What makes this fight interesting to me is that both fighters are really recovering from the wounds that are left form serious boxing mistakes. 

The styles of the fight don't really mesh well and the fight was pretty ugly through the 7th round. Peterson was running early after being count off-balance by and Ortiz right hand. I was surprised that Ortiz pulled back from Peterson after his 2 knockdown round. I was pleased as a boxing fan to see growth from Ortiz. 

Peterson began to show some stones in the 7th. His jab began to serve its tactical purpose and it seemed to frustrated the bigger Ortiz. Peterson did fade when Ortiz began to press the action. The slick style of Peterson wasn't as effective as it could have been due to the lack of his punching accuracy.

In the 8th round, Peterson began to find Ortiz at range. Ortiz fired back often in the round , however have found himself in near limbo at the end of the round after two left hands find their target. The fight went down in similar fashion. Peterson rocked Ortiz  few times in the next rounds. 

The ended in what some might say was a controversial unanimous draw. I think that Ortiz looked great and showed too much mercy on a smaller fighter who couldn't compare to him fighting in close range. The bitter taste of the June 26th, 2009 fight, and this draw may lower the odds of Ortiz headlining a major card in 2011. 


Peterson, on the other hand, showed a little bit of promise in this fight. He clawed and counter-punched his way to a draw with three judges with clean states. Ortiz lead the punch count by a minimal margin even though he had a 7/10 3rd round. 

Fans of the Golden Boy Promotions stables may have to wait a little longer before Victor Ortiz is considered "Vicious". I would like to see him face a fighter that brings a "can of whip ass" to the table. Pairing a guy that fights smaller than he is my keep him from being his best.

I saw a lack of punching power in Peterson, and I don't think we will be seeing him fighting anyone that would bring in PPV dollars. I can see him fighting on HBO's "Boxing After Dark" in 2011.

What are your insights? Who do you think would have a big enough name for Ortiz to shake the Maidana loss. Also, did you see Maidana almost chop down a clearly highly skilled fighter in Amir Khan?

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