Mandatory Eight Count - Khan Afterglow Edition

Amir Khan and his team are hoping that his fight of the year candidate against Marcos Maidana will help lead to another huge fight in 2011. (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)

Who's next for Khan? | Sky Sports explores the possibilities for Amir Khan's next fight after his win in Las Vegas. Possibilities they look at include Floyd Mayweather Jr., Devon Alexander, Timothy Bradley and a Marcos Maidana rematch. While I'm sure Khan's team would love to build on the momentum of this fight, I'm not sure they want him out of the ring for so long. Any of those guys for his next fight means he's out of the ring until late April at the earliest, and with Ramadan affecting Khan's schedule, that would make him a two fight a year fighter. While everyone thinks it is in Khan's best interest to have another high profile Vegas fight next, don't be too surprised if he takes it back home for his next fight in a domestic scrap against someone like Paul McCloskey, to stay busy as much as anything.

Team Maidana Statement | Fight News

While Maidana was a bit curt with Larry Merchant on Saturday night, he spoke a bit more the next day, stating that he thought "it was a hell of a fight" and that Khan proved that he could take a punch. He was, however, disappointed with Joe Cortez's refereeing job, and especially with a seemingly unnecessary point deduction that led to a unanimous decision rather than a split decision. Maidana says he'll be looking to take a fight or two in Argentina before heading back to the U.S. for another big fight.

Bradley talks about Amir Khan and his upcoming bout with Alexander | YouTube

Bradley said he was impressed by the way he was able to stay standing under fire, and that he didn't think that Khan would be able to take that kind of punishment. Bradley also said that if he beats Devon Alexander, he wants to make a fight with Khan, and that he still sees a lot of flaws in Khan's game that he thinks he can exploit by using better head movement and the like.

Amir Khan tipped for glory by Oscar De La Hoya |

Oscar De La Hoya claims Amir Khan can be as big as Ricky Hatton. He then goes on to compare Khan's charisma to Hatton's, which is a little ridiculous. Of course, as Khan's promoter, he is also campaigning for Khan-Maidana to be the fight of the year as well.

Khan takes it on the chin | BBC Sport

Mike Costello takes a look at four factors that may have led to increased punch resistance by Amir Khan. Obviously, one big winner this weekend was Amir Khan's chin, which obviously isn't as horrible as many people thought it was. Along the same lines, many are calling for Khan to rematch Breidis Prescott, who knocked out Khan in the first round a couple years ago. Since then, Prescott, has proven himself to be a pretty mediocre fighter, to say the least, but it seems that there is still enough interest to at least make it a legitimate option.

Sergio Martinez-Sebastian Zbik Likely For March, Miguel Cotto Next | Boxing FanHouse

Lem Satterfield had a conversation with Sergio Martinez's primary promoter Sampson Lewkowicz, who stated that Martinez's likely next move would be to face mandatory Sebastian Zbik on HBO in March. Miguel Cotto's legal advisor also said he will be fighting on the same date of March 12 (possibly against Vanes Martirosyan, Cornelius Bundrage or Pawel Wolak), leading to speculation of an HBO double-header and a possible fight between the two later in the year.

Donaire plans climb to super bantamweight after Montiel fight | ABS-CBN News

Boxing champion Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire Jr. is planning to climb another weight class once he gets past world bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel of Mexico. He seems to be trying to follow in the footsteps of another prominent Pinoy fighter you might have heard of, Manny Pacquiao, bouncing up weight classes fairly quickly. Should he beat Montiel, he will have won at least an interim title in his third weight class. While Donaire is officially listed at only 5'6", he's obviously much taller than that, and he shouldn't have many problems moving up to a relatively weak super bantamweight class. The biggest issue is that there are so many great fights that could be made at 118, if he chooses to stay there, and it's a shame that he appears to be taking the easy way out by moving to a weight class with no other fighters of note.

Eminem To Play A Boxer In '8 Mile'-Inspired 'Southpaw' | MTV


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