Jesse Lubash and Ismayl Skyllah Stay Unbeaten

The card was called “Seasons Beatings” and Jesse Lubash delivered a beating to Harrison Cuello

Lubash moved his record to 14-0 (8 KO) with a competitive but wide win over Cuello (20-14-3 15 KO).

Lubash looked fairly sharp even though he was coming off a 14 month layoff. “It affected me a little bit throughout the whole thing like countering a bit quicker and ending the fight faster”

He found a home for the straight right hand and landed it all night.

He opened a cut under Cuello’s eye early in the first with a solid left hand and did some nice work when he had Cuello pushed against the ropes.

He had continued success in the second as he pumped the jab and bullied Cuello into the ropes. Cuello started to counter some but not enough to edge the round.

Lubash started off the third with another strong straight right hand and another right that backed Cuello into the ropes.

Lubash seemed to control the fight when he imposed his size on Cuello and forced him back. “I felt like the bigger, stronger guy.”

Cuello had his best round in the fifth when he controlled most of the action and had a mouse that appeared to be bother Lubash but wasn’t.

“I had a little bit of abeline in my eye and it bothers a little and I had to wipe it out but its hard.”

Lubash landed a big left hook in the sixth that pushed Cuello back into the ropes and he landed two more big left hooks that looked to momentarily stun Cuello.

Lubash controlled the last two rounds landing a big right hook in the seventh and yet another straight right in the final round.

When scores were announced he had won a unanimous decision by scores of 80-72, 78-74, and 79-73.

He was ready for this fight and Cuello didn’t surprise him in there at all. “He is a lefty so that makes it kind of tricky and awkward and he fought how I figured he would.”

He was happy with his performance but knows he can improve. “I would give myself a B.” His trainer Tom Yankello must have been in the Christmas mood as he handed out a better grade.

“I would give him a B+ considering. I always go 1-10 and he was an 8.5.” It appears that Lubash will be back in the ring soon and it may be on a ESPN card.

“I won’t have a long layoff now. They are looking to get me back towards the end of January, maybe the Guerrero (Fernando) card.”

The other notable fight of the night was a light heavyweight showdown between Pittsburgh fighter Rayco Saunders and former amateur standout Ismayl Sillakh.

Sillakh controlled the action with a long left jab, superior hand speed, and the better work rate.

He also showed better power as he dropped Saunders two times in the final round. He had to settle for a unanimous decision victory though.

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