Saturday Global Boxing Results: Pascal and Hopkins Draw, Huck Survives Lebedev, Morales and Arce Win

Marco Huck (R) of Germany and Denis Lebedev (L) of Russia exchange punches during their WBO cruiserweight title fight at Max-Schmeling Hall in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Boris Streubel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  • Jean Pascal D-12 Bernard Hopkins: I am seeing nobody who feels that Hopkins deserved anything less than a win, with the closest score being 114-112, meaning that if you count two 10-8 rounds for Pascal, Bernard won eight of 12 rounds at least to everyone. Our full recap, including some post-fight controversy about the scoring, is here.
  • Paul Malignaggi TKO-6 Michael Lozada, Daniel Jacobs TKO-5 Jesse Orta, Peter Quillin KO-1 Martin Desjardins, Tyson Fury UD-8 Zack Page, Kevin Bizier TKO-3 Ronnie Warrior Jr.

Berlin, Germany

  • Marco Huck SD-12 Denis Lebedev: Brick had a full recap of this fight and the undercard earlier, calling the Huck win not a robbery, but a definite hometown decision.
  • Yoan Pablo Hernandez KO-1 Ali Ismailov: Hernandez (23-1, 12 KO) is now the mandatory challenger for the cruiserweight strap held by Guillermo Jones. Hold your breath waiting for that one.
  • Alexander Povetkin UD-10 Nikolai Firtha: I have a hard time pretending I care about anything Povetkin (21-0, 15 KO) does at this stage. He's 31 years old and has been treading water for a year with crap fights. Maybe they're just waiting for the Klitschkos to retire, considering Povetkin has run with his tail between his legs from Wladimir twice and would rather face the likes of Firtha and Javier Mora than actually do anything meaningful, all under the guise of Teddy Atlas "improving him," like there's much that can be done with a 31-year-old, long-time amateur.
  • Kubrat Pulev UD-8 Paolo Vidoz: Hell, I give Pulev (10-0, 5 KO) more credit for beating Vidoz than I do Povetkin for beating Firtha. Not that Pulev is on Povetkin's level; he's not. But that's kind of the problem I have.
  • Francesco Pianeta KO-1 Mike Middleton: Nothing win for Pianeta (21-0-1, 13 KO), but it served a purpose as a comeback victory, given that Pianeta had been out of the ring for a year.
  • Dustin Dirks UD-8 Alpay Kobal: Dirks improves to 18-0 (12 KO) with another easy win to close out 2010.

Tijuana, Mexico

  • Erik Morales UD-12 Francisco Lorenzo: Scores were 116-111, 114-113 and 115-112 for Morales, who says he's now ready for Juan Manuel Marquez. The way Marquez looked in July and November compared to how Morales has looked in his comeback, I don't care what weight they fight at since neither of them are going to be naturals there either. Marquez will kill Morales. I'll buy the crummy pay-per-view because they're two of my favorite fighters, but that's not a close fight. This fight is reported to have been pretty good, though, like basically all Morales fights ever.

Campeche, Mexico

  • Ramon Garcia Hirales UD-12 Omar Soto: Hirales (15-1-1, 8 KO) closes out a very successful 2010 with another win, keeping his interim WBO flyweight title. Soto finishes the year with an 0-3 mark to drop to 15-7-1 (6 KO).
  • Jorge Arce TKO-1 Adolfo Ramos: Hey whaddaya know, Jorge Arce smoked another bum. Now his promoters can line him up for a slaughter against Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., since that's what Arce wants. Arce (56-6-2, 43 KO) is really not a good fighter at all anymore, to be blunt and totally honest about it, and he should retire, but he's not going to. He's 31 and sort of a physical wreck, but he's an old school guy despite the lollipops and the silliness. He'll be fighting forever, or until he can't.
  • Jorge Lacierva UD-10 Joksan Hernandez: Sad end to the year for BLH semi-favorite Hernandez (21-3, 14 KO), who loses to Lacierva (38-7-6, 26 KO). Hernandez fought six times this year, going 4-2.

Mar del Plata, Argentina

  • Luis Alberto Lazarte D-12 Ulises Solis: Lazarte would have won this by split decision had he not been deducted two points for fouls, leading to two 113-113 cards. The third card was 117-109 for Solis, know. You take your guesses.
  • Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez UD-12 Mariano Abel Robledo: Martinez (39-4-1, 15 KO) is probably best known as the guy who got a completely undeserved IBF welterweight title shot at Jan Zaveck in April and then actually took it into the 12th round before being stopped.
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