What are the fights YOU want to see?

With Bob Arum constantly shoving crap fights down our throats, and his recent quote saying that he doesn't care about boxing hardcore fans he just cares about casual sports fans, I've started thinking about the matchups that I would like to see regardless of how much financial sense they make. Some of these may actually come true, but others will simply stay in our imaginations because promoters will not risk their fighters.

These are some of mine (If I think about any others, I'll post them in the comments section):

Caballero vs. Lopez - Now, I know Caballero just lost, but this is more about Lopez than Caballero. It's about Lopez not ducking this fight for "financial reasons" (which, honestly, it's crap after all the free promotion its gotten from Caballero... he's certainly more well known than Rogers Mtagwa). 

Angulo vs. Margarito - I won't ever pay for a Margarito fight, but if this were on regular HBO I'd watch it because I'm subscribed already. I think these two definitely deserve to beat each other up. 

Chavez Jr. vs Alvarez  - The battle of the upcoming Mexican superstars! 

Cintron vs. Williams 2 - I know a lot of people think Cintron is mentally weak and that he doesn't deserve big fights again, but I thought that the first fight was just becoming interesting when it ended... I would like to see how that ends up. 

Mayweather vs. Martinez - I'd like to see Sergio get his shot at big money and superstardom, but also, I think it could prove to be an interesting style matchup. It may end up being a boring tactical fight, but I think that Sergio would push the action. 

There are also the ones being mentioned constantly Pacquiao/Mayweather, Lopez/Gamboa, Haye/Klitschko...

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