11 Fights For 2011

1.  Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather.  OK, we know the story behind this but I still want to see it.

2.  Lucien Bute vs. Andre Ward.  Boxing is not a sport where we typically see the top two fights in a given weight class fight each other any more.  Most of the time you see guys just circling each other or looking for reasons not to fight (Floyd/Manny, Gamboa/JuanMa).  I'm also going on the notion that I believe Ward will win the Super Six.

3.  Sergio Martinez vs. Arthur Abraham.  I'm a huge Martinez Fanboy.  I think part of Abraham's problems that have surfaced in the Super Six is that he is too small for 168 where there are monsters like Ward and Froch who have to cut weight to get there.  Abraham is a natural 160lbs and I think can be much more dominate down there.  A Martinez-Abraham slugfest would be great to watch.  (I also realize this is the longest of long-shot fights).

4.  Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Youriokis Gamboa.  Can we stop the dancing around and just put these guys in the ring already?

5.  David Haye vs. Tomasz Adamek.  It won't go down as a marquee heavyweight fight, but the major titles are being held hostage by the gifted but boring and unmarketable Klitschkos.  Haye and Adamek are exciting fights that can bang, and I think it would be a great brawl.

6.  Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler II.  The first fight is still my FOTY, and it was close enough that rounds 13-24 should be in order. 

7.  Timothy Bradley vs. Andre Berto.  I think Bradley finished Alexander and then knows the big money is at welterweight.  He would prove to be a perfect opponent for Andre Berto as they decide who's the Next at 147 lbs.

8.  Vic Darchinyan vs. Nonito Donaire II.  The first fight was great, and both guys are on a roll again.

9.   Glen Johnson vs. Bernard Hopkins.  The final fight of the early 2000s light-heavyweight renasiance is needed.  Johnosn, Hopkins, Jones, and Tarver carried boxing for a long time and of them only Johnson and Hopkins have not fought yet, these two haven't fought since Johnson roared back into relavence by beating Tarver and Jones.  Johnson has done his career well with his entry into the Super Six and his KO defeat of Allen Green.  Hopkins has a chance to become WBC champ against Pascal, and I think he will.  B-Hop is too smart and too good for Pascal.  Its a senior-circuit fight no doubt, but I think its a needed final chapter in the books of these fighters.

10.  Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margario II. The question needs to be asked . . . who is the better fighter?  Was Margarito loaded or was he simply better than Cotto that night?

11.  Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Amir Kahn.  JMM ain't getting Manny, so he might as well get Freddie Roach's mini-Manny. 

-Thoughts?  I'm not a super-insider to boxing so perhaps these match-ups are a bit front-running but I think there are some compelling fights here and ones with real meaning.

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