Antonio Margarito fight off of Pacquiao-Clottey undercard, Soto-Diaz on

For those threatening to boycott the March 13 Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey fight, breathe easy. Pump your first (which I'll childishly admit I did). And save your $50.

Antonio Margarito will not be fighting on the undercard. Bob Przybolo of The Oklahoman reports a statement from Bobby Dobbs, the manager of Margarito's would-be opponent, Carson Jones:

I can now confirm to you that Carson Jones fight with Margarito has been cancelled due to Margarito being unable to obtain a license in Texas.

Dobbs went on to express disappointment given that his fighter turned down a Showtime date to take this bout, and that Top Rank had been so confident that Margarito would be licensed that they gave he and Jones a contract for the fight very early on.

The replacement fight will reportedly be Humberto Soto taking on former lightweight titlist David Diaz in what should be an exciting fight if nothing else. Both beat Jesus Chavez in their last fights, and it was an impressive win for neither. Diaz has fought just once since his 2008 mauling at the hands of Manny Pacquiao, and Soto (as much as I like him) has barely fought a warm body since Joan Guzman beat him in 2007. It's a good fight for both guys.

What This Says:

  • Boxing and the athletic commissions won't have it with cheaters!!!
  • OK, it probably doesn't say that.

What This Doesn't Say:

  • The deplorable Texas Athletic Commission finally made a stand on something and deserves to be forgiven for its many questionable calls in recent years.
  • Bob Arum thought to himself, "You know what, this guy doesn't deserve to be on this card. I think I'll replace him. Furthermore, I think I'll stop promoting him."

What This Might Say:

  • Arum used Margarito's name to help drum up early ticket interest in Texas.
  • Even Texas won't license Margarito. Think about that.

The plan, apparently, is for Margarito to return May 8 on a Latin Fury PPV from Mexico. He might still fight Carson Jones. Hey go figure.

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