Where Are They Now?

Fighters can be fascinating for reasons that are as different as their styles in the ring.  Many of them have given fight fans several nights that they won't ever forget, but often the men themselves get forgotten.  Here are few to catch up with. 

Buster Douglas-48, ate his way to 450 pounds. In 1994 he fell into a diabetic coma. He has since lost 200 pounds. He is still married to his first wife and has 3 sons. He took home 7 million for the Holyfield fight. Lives on a 58-acre ranch. It is being foreclosed upon for lack of payment, but Douglas claims he still has millions, but much of it is tied up in a 14 million townhouse/retail development deal. He's confident he won't lose the ranch.

Roberto Duran- is almost 60. He has released a salsa CD. In 2000, he was almost killed in a car crash in Argentina while promoting that CD. Life-saving surgery was needed. Duran claims he would still be boxing and could beat Mayweather if his lungs were not wrecked from the car wreck. His daughter Irichelle and son Roberto Duran Jr. both boxed professionally. Duran was a part of DRL Promotions which at one time had 30 boxers, including Joel Casamayor. DRL has seemingly disappeared since 2007. Duran now considers Sugar Ray Leonard a close friend.

Gerry Cooney-Married with 3 children, none are boxers. Started F.I.S.T. (Fighters' Initiative for Support and Training). He closed the organization several years ago do to lack of time and money, but currently is looking to restart it. He was also involved in the first boxer's union, but most of his time is spent making the rounds as a celebrity golfer. He and Larry Holmes are now close friends.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-which is his legal name, sells everything from his own cologne to clothing on his website. Has done some fairly successful movies in Italy. Has also been a British boxing commentator. Splits his time between Italy and New Hampshire.

Tom Zbikowski-(Played safety and kick returner for Notre Dame, fought on the undercard of Miguel Cotto-Paulie Malignaggi in 2006)
Now plays special teams and safety for the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. Owns a training center called Pure Speed Sports Clinic. Has one fight left on the 3 fight deal he signed with Bob Arum's Top Rank.

Ebo Elder-(from the 2nd Season of The Contender)retired from boxing in 1997 to focus on what he believes the Lord has called him to do. The calling has become the Ebotribe ministry. The non-profit organization is heavily involved in youth conventions and men's conferences. Elder remarried his wife and together have several kids.

Riddick Bowe-entered the Marines, but refused to wake up in the mornings. He quit after two weeks. Went to jail for kidnapping and assault. He briefly restarted his boxing career and is still willing to fight. Bowe is broke, over 300 pounds and 41 years old. He is still married to his first wife, and they have 1 daughter together. Bowe can often be found at flea markets and swap meets in the New York area hawking his autograph and pictures.

Meldrick Taylor-still lives in Philadelphia. He is 43 and works as a personal trainer. He has undeniably slurred speech, but it has not discouraged him from giving interviews which he eagerly does. He is also a brain damage awareness supporter. Taylor claims Don King still owes him 2 million, and has feared King has put out a contract on his life. Meldrick has released a tell-all book titled, 2 Seconds to Glory.

Michael Nunn-his real trouble started around 1993. After some gun and drug possession charges, he earned a harassment warrant. Police found him at his sister's house, hiding in her dryer. Things only go worse, much worse. In 2004 he was sentenced to 24 YEARS for trying to purchase a 1 kilogram of cocaine. Not 24 months. 24 years! He is doing his time in Leavenworth, United States Penitentiary. Currently he is looking at being released in 2024.

If you have any info to add to any of these fighters, or have an interesting where are they now for somebody else, lets see it. Or if there is somebody you are wondering about, put that down also.

On Nunn...
This started off as a fun where are they now. After learning about Michael Nunn's sentence, it has become more than that. He is doing 24 YEARS for trying to buy a street value of $24,000 worth of cocaine. Drugs are bad. People who sell drugs need to be punished. Nobody wants that stuff around their neighborhood. And anything else that doesn't need to be said about drug dealing, but come on.

24 years is disportionately server. Please check back to this blog in the comments section to find out who to call or email if you want your voice heard on this ridiculous sentence. Or if you think the sentence is just, lets hear that also.

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