Betting on Boxing

I bet now and again on boxing if i see some value.I usually either look for specific round betting or accumulators where i can bet small to win (relatively) big.

I have had a few good wins such as picking Carl Froch to KO Jermain Taylor in rd 12 (25-1),David Haye to stop Jean-Marc Mormeck in 7,Bernard Hopkins to KO Oscar De La Hoya in rd 9 and Vitali Klitschko to stop Danny Williams in 8.I can honestly say i am in profit when i stick to boxing but don't tend to do as well when i bet on MMA,rugby league and the NFL!

Have any of you had some good picks that you would like to share?

Like i say,i don't bet big and i do it to make the fights even more exciting as much as to win money.

Anyway,my reason for this post is that i want to list some fights and get the opinions and predictions of you BLH posters.

Below is a four-fold i am thinking of betting on some time next week .Here are my picks:-

1/Devon Alexander v Juan Urango - ALEXANDER UD (but i think Alexander also has a chance of the stoppage).

2/Manny Pacquiao v Joshua Clottey -  PACQUIAO UD (i was leaning towards a stoppage for Pac but the odds for a points win are higher and Clottey has a hard shell to crack.Plus,he's never been stopped and is still in his prime).

3/Andre Dirrell v Arthur Abraham - DIRRELL SD (Abraham has never fought anyone like Dirrell and i think Dirrell's hand speed,height and reach advantages and tricky counter punching from the southpaw stance could bother Arthur.Depends if Dirrell really wants it though).

4/Sergio Martinez v Kelly Pavlik - MARTINEZ MD.  

Dirrell and Martinez bumped the odds up as the underdogs.I am not neccessarily saying i think these guys will definitely win.It's just that if i picked Abraham and Pavlik in those fights,the odds would diminish considerably.

The odds i was quoted for that four fight accumulator bet: 29/1 (thats if you pick the method of victory - points or KO).

I would appreciate it if you would let me know your predictions on these fights and the ones listed below.Here are the rest of mine:-

5/Wladimir Klitshcko v Eddie Chambers: WLAD KO 9.

6/David Haye v  John Ruiz: HAYE TKO 11.

7/Roy Jones v Bernard Hopkins: HOPKINS UD.

8/Andre Berto v Carlos Quintana: BERTO UD.

9/Tavoris Cloud v Glen Johnson: CLOUD close UD or SD.

10/Lucian Bute v Edison Miranda: BUTE TKO 10.

11/Chris Arreola v Tomasz Adamek: ADAMEK UD.

12/Carl Froch v Mikkel Kessler: Really hard to call for me this one.......KESSLER SD.

13/Andre Ward v Alan Green: WARD UD.

14/Shane Mosley v Floyd Mayweather: MAYWEATHER UD.

15/Paul Williams v Kermit Cintron: WILLIAMS wide UD.

16/Amir Khan v Paulie Malignaggi: KHAN UD (maybe late TKO).

17/Victor Ortiz v Nate Campbell: ORTIZ MD.

18/Israel Vasquez v Rafael Marquez IV: MARQUEZ SD.

19/Yohnny Perez v Abner Mares: PEREZ UD.

I also recommend checking out the opinions of this American guy who posts on youtube for anyone interested in boxing betting.

His username: dwyer70905.

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