Upset City: Prince Arron wins Prizefighter 10 in London

Prizefighterxweighin1_2424629_medium Given little chance to win, 22-year-old Prince Arron won today's Prizefighter junior middleweight tournament at York Hall in London, beating Brett Flournoy in the final of a very entertaining seven-fight card.

Arron (17-3-1, 1 KO) shockingly scored the night's only knockdown, flooring Flournoy (11-1, 4 KO) in the third and final round of their championship bout, sealing the tournament victory for the lanky, 6'3" underdog, who was known by most as a past opponent for John Duddy.

That Prince Arron was just 19 years old and clearly out of his depth. Today, he's still a work in progress, but clearly a better fighter now than he was then.

In the first round, Arron outboxed George Hillyard. In the semifinals, he upset veteran Bradley Pryce by taking Pryce out of his game with his long jabs and right hands.

The finals contest was tight all the way through, and only a flash knockdown by Arron really made the difference.

Flournoy was able to beat Danny Butler rather easily in round one, then outboxed Steve O'Meara in round two.

In the first round, O'Meara beat Martin Concepcion, who fought just three weeks ago, and Pryce beat Neil Sinclair, who really ought to consider hanging up the gloves at 36.

This doesn't really shoot Arron up into great contention, no matter how anyone wants to look at it. He's got some promise, especially with that frame, but he also struggled to make the weight limit this week and barely got in there. Realistically, he's probably a 160-pound fighter, and his complete lack of power would get him marched through by anyone willing to take his jabs and right hands to get inside on him. Hillyard was too slow, Pryce was too Bradley Pryce, and Flournoy was tired when he got knocked down.

There's still a lot of work to be done to even get him into a competitive fight with the better domestic fighters at 154, although I guess I'd give him a decent enough shot with Anthony Small, who can find himself very content to stand there and mug for the cameras.

Congratulations to Prince Arron for his upset Prizefighter victory, and to all of the fighters who took part.

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