The Beauty of it All


The Beauty of it all


In a sport where pain is for pleasure and defeat can do so much as to solely crumble one’s hopes and dreams of reaching the top of the ladder, boxing has managed and continues to present us with the most exciting passion-driven sport to ever be created.

This piece has been written in a response to critics of boxing claiming it is not half the sport it used to be. A true fan can see beyond the dark entities clinging on to the sport and show nothing but admiration for those warriors who dare to step fourth and get into the ring, sometimes as a favourite, sometimes as an underdog.

The frame of mind these athletes go into in the build up to a fight fascinates me. Waking up at 4am to run the streets, and every single inch of a conscious decision they make up until bed time is circled around their fight. The art form of preserving one’s body to keep it in pristine condition to improve speed and agility has presented some of the best physiques known to man. A young Mike Tyson had the physique of a Greek God backed up by the strength of one too.

Over here in England, we see rivalry in sports such as football (soccer) between teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea, or a rugby match between England and Australia. Where does this stand compared to the build up to a fight between two men who have spent weeks in a mental prison of solitary confinement and physical torture? Nowhere. Since early days of boxing with superstars such as Dempsey and Johnson, today’s equivalents, whether we are fans or haters, fighters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquaio bring something to our hearts that cannot be matched. I single handily pick out boxing from other combat sports due to the true beauty and passion which oozes from 12 rounds. MMA? No I’m sorry I can’t accept this sport to carry the same levels of passion as boxing. Watching the footwork of a boxer perfected like a dancer combined with the handy work is like watching a finely crafted piece of art.

The true irony is beauty comes from destruction. No matter how hard you hit the man, you show nothing but love and compassion for each other. That really is the beauty of it all.

I want you to tell me why you think boxing is a world apart from any others sport, or feel free to tell me why you don’t agree.


Peace and Love to you all


Shnizz x

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