Mike Tyson - A Love Story?




To set the scene on the dark, notorious streets of Brooklyn where crime is a given and only the tough survive. A young kid shared a love for pigeons and thieving not knowing where he would be ten years down the line. Losing his family and doing time for the crime. After a run in with a gang, there had to be an outlet for this frustration. An old wise man took the boy under his wing, like that of a pigeon wrapping its young to protect and teach its wisdom of life. He learnt to control his temper and discipline himself through the art of fighting; but not brawling, he fought with his brain but more importantly his heart, with the wise man assisting every step of the way.


He grew the shoulders of a bear and the heart of a lion at a young age; some would say too young. Fighting his way to the top got him there. He beat the best more than convincingly, striking his left hooks like a pendulum in a clock tower. Stardom took him all the way, living the dream. Up in the clouds, no one stood tall enough to bring him down.


But to every high is a low; and to every low, there is a bottom. He hit it and lost his mentor along with his mind; lost his composure to a heartless money grabber thieving his soul like the clothes he took stole as a child.


In a redemption effort he climbed the mountain he once conquered but getting to the top is never as satisfying second time round. Tattoos covered what was once a finely tuned specimen. As the ink went up, the heart disappeared sucking that energy right away.


However, the heart is still there and will remain. What this condensed piece (which could have gone on forever) is trying to tell you is we all have a bad guy inside us, some worse than others. People take advantage of others illustrating the low life materialistic world we live in. Mike Tyson fell victim to it. Despite his downfall, we as the one's who admire the sport cannot ignore the ferocity and what could be argued the most impressive, aggressive, expressive fighting style to enter the ring. It takes a real man to admit his wrongs and accept it; the Iron Man has done just that and he deserves respect. No one can sit there and criticise and hypocritically attack the man who brought something to boxing which it vitality needed. A heavyweight brawler from the backstreet's of Brooklyn. To think this doggy wouldn't bite is the same as believing a pit bull wouldn't gnaw your nose off if you stole it's pup.


The reason I chose to call this a love story is because the romance lies between us, the spectator and the Iron Man. You may choose to hate, but the love is there. I get a great feeling inside when I see the young determination of someone beaming with natural talent, and I get a lump in my throat when I see the downfall. 366_21





I forgive him, and he himself has surely paid for his sins. I, as you good people, should let his legacy fly high onwards and upwards.


Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Tyson.


Please comment and tell me why or why not it is an absolute privilege to have a man like Mike Tyson within the sport we love. I hope everyone at BadLeftHook would love to hear and share something positive of the Iron Man.


Peace & Love to you all,



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