Wednesday's Wild Prediction: David Tua Will Win a Heavyweight Title


Today David Tua defeated Friday Ahunanya by near shutout unanimous decision in New Zealand. By all accounts the big punching longtime heavyweight contender controlled the fight by boxing aggressively and landing hard head and body shots.

He won by scores of 119-109 117-111 and 120-108. We all know that Tua has a big punch but this fight proved that he can box a little big if needed.

Now don’t get me wrong Ahunanya was never a great box and he certainly is past his prime. With that being said he was on a good run. He took the zeros away from Shane Cameron and Alonzo Butler in back to back fights.

Now to my wild prediction, David Tua will fight for a world title and win it. Tua is past his prime that’s for sure. His prime was around 1999-2001 but he has three things going for him. He still has big power, a great chin and keeps his body in good shape.

He came into the fight today at a mean looking 239 pounds. He hasn’t weight over 241 pounds since 2006 when he fought Robert Hawkins. His weight has hovered around 237 pounds for his last four fights.

If you compare these weights to his prime weights it isn’t that much heavier. As far as his power goes he is one of the biggest punchers ever. As the say goes “Power is the last thing to go.” Well Tua still has power even at his advanced age.

You couple his power and conditioning with his will to succeed and I think that he can still win that title that has eluded him. I don’t think that he would just give up against a Klitschko like everyone else has.

So those are the three things that lead me to believe that he can still win the title. There are a number of things that are going against him though. His age, lack of activity, and opponents.

He is getting up there in age as he is now 37. Heavyweights age slower than anyone else so this couldn’t be a huge factor. As far as activity goes he had a two year break from 2003 until 2005 mostly due to promotional issues.

In the five years since 2005 he has only had eight fights. In these eight fights he has barely faced anyone with a pulse. The best win he has since 2005 would be Ahunanya and as I said that isn’t very impressive.

He is ranked by the WBO at No. 3, and as far as I am concerned why not him? He is an exciting fighter and has tons of power. The thing that sets him apart is his will to want to win.

He has faced and beaten three former heavyweight title holders (John Ruiz :19 KO, Hasim Rahman, Oleg Maskaev, Michael Moorer). So he has the talent to make one last run.

How would he fare against the current champions? I think he could beat David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko. Haye is quick and powerful but has a weak chin.

It would be a tough fight for Tua but if he landed a left hook it would be lights out for David Haye. Haye could stay on his toes and box from the outside and win easily.

He likes to mix it up though and if he did I believe that would be his downfall. I think that Tua could take Haye’s power shots but Haye would fall under the power of Tua.

If John Ruiz would beat Haye then Tua has a very good chance to win a title. He already waxed Ruiz in 19 seconds and this match up is a good one for Tua. The best scenario for Tua is that Ruiz wins the title.

Tua is the WBO No.3 and the WBO champion is Wladimir Klitschko. He happens to be the best heavyweight in the world but he also has a glass jaw. Also Wlad hasn’t had a fighter put up a resistance in a long time.

Even a somewhat faded Tua would be Wlad’s best opponent in awhile I think. If Tua put on pressure could get inside that jab and land a shot, he could shock Wlad. The size presents a problem for Tua. He is 5’10” and Wlad is 6’6”.

Most people will point to Tua’s fight with Lennox Lewis and I can understand why. Lewis drubbed Tua but I believe Tua wasn’t 100 percent in this fight mentally. If Tua put his mind to a Klitschko fight he would put up a much better showing.

I think Tua will get his shot and when he does he will make the most of it. He has the power and he really wants to win a title before its all said and done. I may be crazy but I am telling you. David Tua will be the heavyweight champion of the world.

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