Wladimir Klitschko-David Haye: Who is ducking who?


Wladimir Klitschko has released a video calling out David Haye. If you have not seen it, check it out.

After seeing the video I ask, who is ducking who?

I will say this. Haye did not duck the Klitschko’s before. Boxing is a business first and foremost. When Haye took the Nikolay Valuev fight he did it to win a title and up his earning power.

Now that he has that title and one defense of it he needs to fight a Klitschko. There is no way he can fight someone else (unless it is a rematch clause fight) and get away with it. The Klitschko’s are the only viable option.

Everyone gets on their backs but they want the Haye fight. I question if Haye wants them. He looked good in beating John Ruiz and I initally was impressed.

Not so much anymore.

Ruiz is getting long in the tooth and this was bound to happen. Ruiz found Haye rather easily when he got close. Haye also seemed to tie up at every chance he could get.

If Haye fought the same fight against Wlad or Vitali he would lose. Haye could of stepped on the gas and blown out Ruiz but he didn’t. It seemed he rather play it safe.

If he plays it safe against either Klitschko he will lose. He needs to go balls to the wall and have the intent of knocking them out.

The question is, can The Brothers Grimm deal with Haye's combination of speed, power, and athleticism?

I think it would be harder for Haye to adjust than Wlad.

Haye will have a game plan but when you step into the ring with a 6’6 ½” man with a 81 inch reach, plans change. People forget that everyone has a plan for the Klitschko’s and every time it fails.

Boxing is one game plan against another. When I look at it this way, Haye will need to change his game plan. Klitschko will jab him to death and put the big right hand with it.

Haye will need to drastically change his plan. No hand around his waist, he will have to find a way around the jab, and he has to deal with the power. Wlad has a weak chin but Haye's might be even worse.

If Wladimir lands clean Haye will be in serious trouble. Also it seems that he is afraid to get hit. Like I said before if he doesn’t engage he will get beaten down by the jab and lose.

The biggest question for me is how mentally tough is Haye. He has a lot of confidence in himself but if he gets down say six rounds to none, how will he react?

He is rarely in a position where he needs a knockout to win. That could very easily happen in this fight. If Haye gets discouraged easily this fight will be over.

Over time Klitschko has fought the better heavyweight, and overall, opposition. He has seen every type of heavyweight known to man. The only thing he has to adjust to is the speed. Haye has to adjust to everything, he has never fought someone like Wladimir.

As of right now I am going to agree with Wladimir Klitschko.

David Haye, you need to stop bitching out and make this fight happen.

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