What Mayweather vs Mosley Really Exposes

Statement 1.
Floyd Mayweather would not be willing to put 40 million on the line if he didn't know he could handle Shane handily.

Even so, why wouldn't Floyd just go inactive like he is prone to do inside and outside the ring? Even though Floyd knows Mosley is nothing more than a tune-up, why would he chance it? You'll have to wait for Statement 2 towards the bottom of the page for that answer.

Until then, please don't believe what you will hear after the Mayweather vs Mosley fight. Floyd will boast that he made the biggest-fight-ever even bigger by postponing it. He'll tell the world how now, he really wants Pacquiao and it's going to happen! It was all part of his plan the whole time. Even though Floyd can really dance, don't believe that song and dance.

For the M & M match up on May 1st, disregard what the rest of the viewing public, pundits, experts and exaggerators are telling you. Almost all are predicting a close fight that goes to the cards and narrowly to Mayweather. They are convinced that Shane's speed is going to give Floyd fits. The real of it is, this fight won't be close!

Needing help to illustrate this point, if there was only a recent fight to compare this one to. Something with some relevance to Mayweather vs Mosley that is similar to how this fight is going to go down...

Ok,ok, got one. Had to go a long way back, don't know if you remember the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight? Yep, that one. Mayweather vs Mosely won't be 12 to 0, but Shane has about the same chance that Clottey had.

Shane's problem is going to be the same problem Clottey faced against Manny... speed. Foot speed and hand speed. Floyd is going to move and move and move, then set. When Shane catches up, Floyd is going to move again and hit Shane before he resets.

Far too many observers are looking at what Shane did against the sloth-slow, uncasted Margarito and guessing somehow that means Shane will have an answer for Floyd's speed and movement. Margarito was the perfect opponent at the perfect time for Shane. And Shane is now the perfect opponent at the perfect time for Floyd.

This doesn't take away from what Shane did. His speed was too much for Margarito, and his power remains very good. He went off before the Mexicaster could get off. Miguel Cotto was just as effective against Margarito, but doesn't have Shane's power, plus Margarito was somewhat emasculated after the caster disaster.

Mosley vs Cotto is a better measuring stick to Mosley vs Mayweather by yards not inches than Mosley vs Margarito. And Cotto outboxed, outfoxed and beat Shane to the punch. Shane had problems with Miguel getting off first and last and getting out. So, it should go without saying that Floyd is going to be even more effective.

Don't let the, what at the time was a shocking victory against Margarito, erase what you know happened in Shane's previous outing against Ricardo Mayorga. A badly faded Mayorga who was never that great to start, might have been winning the fight until Shane caught him with a big left. If this was the fight immediately preceding the Mayweather fight, how different would the predictions look? Or would the Mayweather fight be happening at all?

So, view Shane against his two most recent fights against fighters closer to Floyd than Margarito was. If Shane wasn't that effective for most of the fight against Mayorga and lost to Cotto, what is he going to be able to get off against a faster fisted, slicker and more fleet-footed Mayweather? If you thought Shane was over-matched in the war of words on Face off with Max Kellerman, it will be nothing compared to how over matched he will be, once fists start flying instead of words.

Floyd will not tire which is what seemed to allow Shane to catch up to the underwhelming Mayorga. Floyd's ever improving jab which now can even be called great, is better than Cotto's, and Miguel's gave Shane fits, which makes this the wrong fit for Shane.

It would be better for Shane's record to move up against a Cintron or an Angulo where his speed would be relevant. Of course it would not be as good for his wallet or the interests of Golden Boy, so by no means is this a bad fight for him to take, just a bad fight to try and win.

Think of Shane's speed like Buzz Aldrin at a party. Being the second man on the moon is going to make him the most interesting man at the party. His stories are going to work the crowd into a frenzy.

Unless Neil Armstrong is also there. Then Aldrin's greatest asset is rendered useless. He better also know some magic tricks if he wants to be relevant. It is the same deal with Shane's speed. He might still be very fast, but that speed is going to be rendered useless because the fastest hands on the planet (arguably) are at the same party.

Also, a Shane win is good for exactly who? Shane? Maybe. Even with a win, he won't get the fight with Manny. There is most likely a rematch clause if Shane did win. And it seems like the Pacquiao camp believes Shane might be too big for Manny anyway.

Even a rematch of Mayweather vs Mosely or if Floyd were to win the rematch the mega fight that was to be Pacquiao vs Mayweather is no longer mega. It becomes just a big, big fight.

A large part of the attraction to a Mayweather fight is to see that smirk and zero wiped off his person. That draw disappears with a loss, along with maybe half of the reported 40 million for the mega fight. But if Floyd wins, and now has Big Name Shane on his resume and the dominance of a great champion fresh in the world's face, that 40 million may be on the low side. How great is that for Golden Boy?

So, a Shane win is not good for his bosses or his company. How would you like to go into work on Monday knowing on Saturday you cost your company the biggest pay day in their history?... just saying.

Of course Mayweather vs Mosely goes all twelve. Of course it is a relatively boring fight, but maybe relatively exciting by Mayweather standards. Shane wins 2 maybe 3 rounds but no more.

Yes, the major consensus is that Floyd wins by decision. In that respect this is nothing new, but this fight is going to be a blowout as sure as Manny vs Clottey was. Both of these fights were and are nothing but glorified tuneups. Each puncher and promoter waiting for the other to blink, rethink or stink to get the upper hand...It seems. But...

Statement number 2!
Unless Floyd is forced to move into his father's basement, unable to pay rent, Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather will not happen. There is only one person who already knows it...Floyd Mayweather. Everyone else is buying into all this glorified posturing.

That is the real reason why Floyd is not just going inactive to wait on Manny. The mega-fight is just not going to happen. Mosley is the 2nd biggest money-fight out there for Floyd. So, he had to take it because he needs the cash. As for Manny, Floyd is willingly and will continue to willingly sacrifice zeros on his paycheck to protect that zero on his record. But after fighting Shane and avoiding Manny, Floyd will not have many statements to make, that the public will be willing to buy.

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