Mandatory Eight Count: Lions and Lambs

While his title wasn't on the line against Floyd Mayweather Jr., the fact that he didn't pay sanctioning fees meant the WBA has stripped Mosley of his title, making Vyacheslav Senchenko the new titlist. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Shane Mosley is Stripped, Senchenko Full WBA Champ | Boxing Scene

Mosley's WBA title was not on the line for his bout with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. As promised, the WBA stripped Mosley, meaning that two titles and an interim title in the weight class are all held by completely inconsequential fighters, despite the top of the weight class being quite strong.

Shannon Briggs Stops Dominique Alexander In 1st-Round | Eastside Boxing

Briggs destroyed Dominique Jones in 20 seconds, knocking him out with the first two punches he threw, a pair of left hooks to the body. Next week, he'll be fighting again, facing Rob Calloway.

Dan Rafael's Notebook | ESPN

Some of the more interesting tidbits - Mike Jones and Antwone Smith will be fighting on the same card on Shobox on July 9 to set up a future bout between the two; A rare-prospect prospect match will take place between Mike Dallas Jr. and Lenard "The Fighting Fireman" Lane, with Fernando Guerrero headlining the card; and Khoren Gevor resigned with Universum and is getting a shot at the interim title held by Sebastian Zbik.

Tua denied release | NZ Herald News

Maori TV declined an approach by David Tua's promoter Cedric Kushner to release Tua from his contract so Tua could earn more money.

Bogere batters Julio | Fight News

Sharif "the Lion" Bogere moved to 16-0 after defeating journeyman Ulidio Julio, despite taking the fight on only a week's notice. Bogere is one of the more entertaining prospects out there, and it would be nice to see him get back on TV in the near future.

Ali Chebah getting a chance of the world stage | Paris Normandie

In order to ensure that its belt is completely irrelevant during an era when the weight class is getting stronger, the WBC has ordered a title eliminator between Frenchman Ali Chebah and British-Nigerian Ajose Olusegun. Both are legends in their own minds, but neither is probably a top-20 fighter in the weight class, despite glossy records.

Arslan returning to the Ring | Universum Box-Promotion

On July 9, Firat Arslan will be returning to the ring for the first time since losing his title to Guillermo Jones back in September 2008. He'll be facing Steve Herelius. Incidentally, Jones hasn't fought since then either, and somehow hasn't been stripped.

Where do Marquezes rank among boxing brothers? | Ring blog

The author's answer: probably the second best pair of boxing brothers all time, after Mike and Tommy Gibbons. 

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