Best Party Ever!

The greatest party I've ever been to was my friend Hank's 2010 New Year's Eve party. And I can prove it. Hank had 10 different kinds of beer. 10 different vodkas and 10 whiskeys. For most of us, it lasted 10 hours. There was an Irish TENor making the girls swoon. It had 10 girls to every guy. And the party kicked off with a TENnis tournament for those of us interested. (Hank has always love a theme)

I hadn't been back to Hank's since the party because the woman in my life doesn't want me around parties like that, even though I met her there. But I had to finally retrieve my tennis racquet that I left there on New Year's Eve.

Hank wasn't going to be home this morning, so he told me to just go in the backdoor. The racquet must be in one of the many little-used guest rooms near the back. As I was rifling through a bunch of equipment, a few large bats and hockey sticks narrowly missed my head before slamming to the ground.

    "Darn brother. Keep it down." Everybody's favorite party monster and boxing enthusiast, Chinaski says to me as he emerges from one of the guest rooms while rubbing his eyes.  

    "Sorry Chinaski. Didn't know you were in there."

    "BS. You knew. You were one of the guys who wouldn't let me drive last night." Chinaski answers, still not satisfied with the progress he's made rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

    "How drunk were you?" I ask. "I wasn't even here last night. I haven't been here since the New Years Eve party." I answer, laughing and turning to continue the search for my racquet.

    "Yeah." Chinaski answers quickly, "The New Years eve party last night."

    "What??!! That party was 6 months ago. How long have you been sleeping it off?"

Chinaski runs back to the room. He grabs his phone and looks at the time and his messages. His eyes get as wide as a Mayorga left hook.

    "I've got 700 messages!" Chinaski is in the midst of panic and falls to the ground as he rushes to get his pants on.

    "Slow down Chinaski. Take it easy." I say.

    "Slow down? I'm 6 months late for work!" He says as he continues the assault on his clothes. "I've got to get to the office, but you've got to tell what is the one boxing story I've missed so far this year. I don't have much time. Just tell me the biggest boxing story of the year so far while I finish getting dressed." 

I find my racquet as I contemplate the question. The strings are still good as I bounce the Wilson off my palm a few times.

    "Will you hurry up and tell me? I've got to go!" Chinaski yells at me.

    "Ok. Ok." I say and take a deep breath. "It's got to be the Super Six World Boxing Classic. Taylor is out, maybe for good. Green is in. Froch, Abraham and Dirrell have each experienced their first loss. Froch gave it to Dirrell, Dirrell gave it to Abraham, and Froch and Abraham fight next. The loser won't even make it to the semi-finals. Ward has only fought once, and destroyed Kessler exposing the Dane's weaknesses. Then Kessler beat Froch and reinforces his strengths and made a case that maybe only Ward could beat him.

Dirrell stayed slick, but found courage and frustrated and beat Abraham into in to cowardice. But Abraham still leads the Classic by a single point due to his violent KO of the game Taylor. Every fight has had huge significance. Each fight has been incredibly interesting in itself, and controversial. Questions have been answered. And even more have been raised. Belts have been passed around like the Hilton sisters amongst actors. And if Allan Green upsets Ward, there will be a five-way tie for second place!

And stage 3 still has Dirrell vs Ward, Froch vs Abraham and Kessler vs Green." I finish and try to catch my breath.

   "Yeah. The Super Six started last year. I was awake for the start of it." He says to me as he sprints out to his car.

I follow shouting that just the fights and controversy from 2010 is still the biggest story of the year so far.

    "Oh man. You've wasted the little bit of time I've had to try to catch up on the boxing scene."

    "I'm telling you. The biggest story of 2010 is the Super Six! Its success could change the way promoters work with each other. There could be more tournaments like this. Just think of a welterweight tournament!" I yell to him as he begins to drive away.

He screeches to a halt. Powers down his window and yells back at me, "Man. I can't believe I forgot to ask. Who won the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight?"

I don't answer and shake my head.

    "You're worthless man. Have fun at your tennis match." Chinaski scolds me before raising his hands and eyes to the sky and yelling, "Can anyone help me? Someone please tell me the real biggest story so far this year!"

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