A few talking points we haven't hit on here


The last few days have brought a few interesting nuggets that have slid entirely off the radar here in the midst of all the fights this weekend and the odd drama of the site. This isn't all groundbreaking stuff, but it is relevant and I am curious to see reactions. I know this isn't Mayweather/Pacquiao (or, should I say, Chavez/Pavlik), but let's clean up the rest of the industry news after the jump.

1. Top Rank's Countdown

In a move the SC appropriately called "bush league," Top Rank has put a countdown at the top of their website that ticks off the seconds until Mayweather's deadline on signing the contract is reached. As I said in the other fanpost, I am very much sick of all of this. I don't care about the bickering between the camps. I don't care why eventually they will not fight. This is on both guys. Maybe this is a publicity stunt though agreed to by both camps, so there is at least that. I feel like they would have done something bigger had that been the case however.


2. Klitschko's HBO Grievance

Earlier this week Dan Rafael reported that the Klits are very, very displeased with HBO. Apparently when Greenburg announced that HBO was done with the heavyweight division, they had forgot to tell Wladimir and his people as they had agreed to pay $250,000 to air his fight with Povetkin. They had even chosen the date based on HBO's liking. This required moving around a soccer league to secure a stadium even. They claim had HBO been up front with them about whether or not they were going to buy the fight that they could have sold it to Showtime who wanted to pair the fight as the undercard to Lopez/Marquez on the 18th. Now with the fight locked into the 11th, Showtime isn't interested. The Klitschkos are claiming that HBO put them out of a quarter million with a lie and are pledging to take less money for a fight with Haye or Adamek (the only fights HBO would buy in the division)  to put it on Showtime.


3. Paulie Malignaggi Feeling Brave

In a recent interview Paulie talked about moving to 147. He has his eye on the European Title held by Matthew Hatton. I don't exactly understand the criteria on who can fight for that title apparently as Paulie, a born and raised American, doesn't seem to have any eligibility concerns. I poke fun at him for calling out Matthew Hatton, but if he's actually eligible for a shot at the title then it is a good career move. He could even defend the title for a while. We've well established that he can't beat world class 140 pounders because of his lack of power. On the European level, however, you can have a flaw, even a weight class above. 


4. Arthur and Carl Have A Date

The bickering and whining from the Froch camp might finally be over. Reports have Showtime announcing that the fight will be held October 2nd in Monaco of all places. I'm going to need to get out a map for this one. I was starting to worry we'd never even finish group stage two, but alas Mr. Froch found a site neutral enough for him so he won't be heinously robbed again like he was when Kessler scored and received more points than him. No, in Monaco he can get a fair decision like he did when he won fewer rounds against Dirrell and won the fight.


5. Little Zab

Judah actually managed to weigh in at 141 for tomorrow night's fight. Maybe he's finally making his move back down that he won't shut up about.


6. Title Tripleheader

Though I am sure HBO won't touch it for their airing purposes, Don King has added a third title fight between Cory Spinks and K9 Bundrage to his August 7th St. Louis card already featuring Alexander/Kotelnik and Cloud/Johnson. The fight will be for the IBF piece of the 154 pound puzzle. The other two fights will be on HBO.

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