Mandatory Eight Count - Enter the Ring

Evander Holyfield will be back in action against "The Tank" Sherman Williams in early November, at least for now. Don't hold your breath, or it might get moved or cancelled. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Dawson-Pascal ignites the search for more real champions | Ring Blog

I'll be doing a full piece on how the Ring ratings and titles work in the near future, but Eric Raskin just about did my job for me here. He runs through what would need to happen in each weight class without a Ring titlist for that vacant title to be filled. Most interesting is 140, where Devon Alexander dropped from #2 to #3 with his less than convincing win over Andriy Kotelnik, Raskin says that, if that fight is made, the magazine will reach out to the voting panel for their input. In certain circumstances, a #1 vs. #3 fight can be for the title, but it can mess things up a bit since then the Ring champ can be different from the lineal champ. Heck, right now there are 5 Ring champs, but they don't recognize one lineal champ, one Ring champ isn't a lineal champ, and one of the Ring champs didn't become Ring champ until almost a decade after he became lineal champ.

Antonio Margarito and the Handwrap Issue | Seconds Out

Thomas Hauser makes about as solid of a pro-Margarito argument as one can make. In a nutshell, if you believe the testimony at the hearings, Capetillo made an honest mistake that Margarito wouldn't have known about, and "elements of sulphur and calcium" could just be ingredients in salves and hand creams. It's basically a 'he said, she said' argument. If you believe Margarito and Capetillo, then Margarito's punishment was right on the money, or maybe even on the harsh side. If you don't, then you probably feel he should be banned for life. But Hauser makes a pretty good case as to why Margarito's story might be more believable than it looks at first glance.

Evander Holyfield-Sherman Williams Slated For Nov. 5 | Bad Left Hook

Let me just echo the sentiment that Evander Holyfield just shouldn't be fighting anymore.  He's 48 years old.  He clearly has neurological damage already.  Whether he's facing a sturdy journeyman or not, the NYSAC had the right idea a half decade ago when they denied him a license.  I can't tell another man how to live, but how's this - rather than threatening your own livelihood for our entertainment, try taking a small step back in your own livelihood.  Not everyone lives in a 100 room mansion.  You really don't need to either.

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock To Make Ring Return In October? | East Side Boxing

I guess you can add him to the list of comebacking '80's heavyweights who shouldn't be anywhere near the ring. The reason for the comeback isn't clear, although for a while Ruddock tried to remake himself as a George Foreman-style pitchman without too much success.

Former Showtime executive Jay Larkin, 59, dies of brain cancer | ESPN

Jay Larkin, once one of the most powerful people in the boxing industry as head of the franchise for Showtime, died Monday after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 59.

Meza-Clay vs. Litzau Aug 28 | Fight News

So it's not the biggest news in the world, but it's nice to see that Roy Jones is still promoting fight cards that he's not actually fighting on. Coming off his victory over Rocky Juarez, Jason Litzau tries to stay on the winning track against Monty Meza-Clay. Also on the card, fellow Square Ring veteran Derrick Gainer will take on Angel Hernandez.

Latimore Sends a Message: Wants Vanes To Step Up |

Deandre Latimore (21-3, 17 KO) is attempting to answer a challenge from Vanes Martirosyan (28-0, 17 KO), who is trying to call out the top dogs at 154 pounds. I actually like that as a fight for both of them, since Martirosyan has been underwhelming in wins this year over Kassim Ouma and Joe Greene. I would favor the more accomplished Martirosyan, but Latimore would be no pushover for him. I do not think Martirosyan is ready for Miguel Cotto or Paul Williams, which is the level of competition he's trying to get into the ring. [Note: write-up by Scott]

Brooklyn's Barclays Center deal has rankled some feathers | Sports Illustrated

Chris Mannix takes a look at the recently announced deal between Golden Boy and the Barclays Center, where Golden Boy will put on three fight cards a year in the new arena. One aspect of the deal that wasn't focused on is that, evidently, the deal is an exclusive with Golden Boy, and other boxing promoters won't be able to put on fight cards at the new arena. That has some promoters miffed, most notably Lou DiBella, who puts on quite a few shows in the New York City area, and presumably would have liked to have options between that venue and Madison Square Garden to get the place with the better rates.

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